Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethel’s 3rd BoofDay Party!

Saturday was Ethel’s 3rd Boof Day. And while it wasn’t mine, it was pretty cool! We all started the day with a special breakfast. We got pumpkin, yogurt (vanilla my fav!), Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Fresh Broiled Red Salmon, as well as our regular junk. Man-o-man! It was a Yum-o-licious Taste Treat!!! I can’t tell you how yummy that was!

Then we got the opportunity for some relaxin time. Later in the day, Ethel, Elise (my little pest sister) got to go to Pet Smart to pick out presents. Ethel cause it was her birthday, Husker, cause Mom & Dad thought he was a “guest” and got special treatment, and Elise cause her Birthday was on Monday. So I guess under the circumstances it was alright that I did not get to go.

So after they scarfed up loot, they came home. Apparently Ethel & Husker were a hit, cause they got all of the hugs and smooches I would have gotten if I had went. After that it was Party time!!!! WhooHoo!! Boy Mom and Dad know how to throw a party! Dad made Ethel a cake with frosting and it had this cool bone candle. Everyone sang Happy Boof Day, then we had the cake and Boy it was good! Ethel and Elise got to open their presents, and Ethel let me play with some of them too, which I thought was nice. So all-in-all it was a great day, and I had a lot of fun. I hop my birthday in January is just as good.

Cousin Husker Come’s-a-Visitin!

It was an exciting week here. Dad tells me Husker is comin to visit for a week! Man I like him, so I was really excited. I mean after all, it will even up the odds around here some. He’s our cousin (Newfy Cousin that is) from Wisconsin, and his Mom and Dad were going out of town for a week so he got to come and stay with us. Last Monday evening he arrived, and we greeted each other like old pals. Actually more like an older brother who has a cool younger brother. So we sniffed around, and had a good time. Saturday was a particularly good day, as we got to play for a long time in the yard, and had a lot of fun. It was cool having him at the house.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day Without Ethel

Well Sunday was “Education Day” for the North Central Newf Club. That’s the Club I belong to. All of the Newfs in Upper Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Wisconsin belong to this club. The nice thing is that we let our “human” minions (Mom & Dad) come to these club events, which is cool, as they bring snackies, and other things to eat, and of course there is Newfie things to do.

Like last years for education day, we had everything Newfies do day. There was swimin, cart pullin (I think we used to pull carts in the olden days to haul our treats and snackies), Obedience, and somthin called Con-4-mation. Anyway it was way cool last year, I had a Blast! I got in 4 hours of Smoochin and went well over my smoochin quota. Sometimes it’s tuff to get in a good days smoochin when you’re the “World’s Greatest Smoocher.”

So this year, I wake up on Sunday for a rip-roaring day of smoochin, and snackies, only to find out, “I’M NOT GOIN!!!!!” Mom tells me; “You went last years, it’s someone else’s turn.” Man I was devastated, I was all worked up for a day of smoochin, and instead I get to spend the day with my “G”Ma, and Oreo and Luci. I don’t even count Elise the Mini-Newf, cause she’s so small. Mom says Ethel gets to go this year, cause she’s never gone. Oh Well, Rats!

So while I’m hangin with my “G”Ma, Ethel got to go. After she came home, she told be what went on, sounds like I would have had a great time. She said that Mom & Dad drove for over an hour, and she got to look out the window the whole time. Then she said they got to the place, and low and behold they had Draft Day for Education Day. She got to wear a harness, and get hooked up to a real cart! WOW!! She said she didn’t really like the cart, but I think that was because she wasn’t used to it, so she was nervous. She’s like that, a little chicken, but when she’s used to something she is really good at it. Then they got to have snackies, which I missed! Mom & Dad took photos, and I got to post a couple here for your entertainment. Not much else going on, other than our cousin Husker is coming to visit in a week, so I guess I’ll report on that next. Pictures Later!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well guys Ricky here. I thought you would like to know how Mom & Dad gyped me a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so……….upset about it, this is the forst opportunity I’ve had to write.

Frist, Oh the shame of it. Mom & Dad went to a Newf event, and I didn’t get to go. They went to the North Central Newfoundland Club’s Draft Test, and left me home! I mean I didn’t get an opportunity to smooch anyone! What a tragedy! They said they were “Stewarding” whatever that was, and I had to stay home. The only solice in it was that I wasn’t alone HA HA! The girls had to stay home too! So at least that was a bonus!

Dad did take some photos so, I’ll post a couple here. It does look like fun, maybe Dad will figure out that I would at least like to try this (Hint Hint!!! DAD??!!??)

Then ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT! Mom & Dad took Ethel and Oreo to the River King Newfoundland Club Regional Speciality (Dog Show). WELL!!!! I mean I’m a DOG, why couldn’t I GO?????? Then my snotty lil sisters come home and tell me what a great time they had, and how they got to stay in a hotel, and smooze around which some of their dog friends all weekend, while I had to stay home with my Grandma! WHAT A RIP!!!!!

They said they had to go, as they were showing! Showing what they didn’t say, but apparently Ethel did it well enough she got ribbons! Then she got a reward, and Mom & Dad didn’t bring me home squat-tol-la!!!!! That made me upset. The to make matters worse, Ehtel was walkin around the house like the was "Queen of the May!" Givin me Na-Na-NANA-NA! I got 1st Place! Like I casre! (Well I guess she did good, after all she's my sister. But I forgave Mom & Dad later, cause we got Salmon for dinner! (Ah……………..my weakness!!!!! Other than Smoochin that is). But Dad actually won something this time at the raffle. It was this pretty cool chest, which Dad says he’s goning to keep the brushes (I like being brushed) and groomin stuff in, as well as treats!!! WhooHoo, It is pretty cool, some guy Dad knows made it and donated it from Newfie Rescue, so Dad had bought tickets for it, and they pulled his name!! Pretty cool, if you ask me, and it’s got a Newfie on it, so that means it has to be used for us! I put a picture of in here also.

The only bright spot in the week was that it was Halloween (Whatever the Heck that is??) and we got a treat......Pumpkins! Man are they tastey! I'm throwin in a couple pictures is us gettin our pumpkins. They are so good, and they are apparently good for you according to Mom, Yeah, I know Mom's are always tryin to get you'se to eat good stuff, but in this case, this is something that TASTES GOOD!

So anyway…………That’s what’s goin on at the Newfie Nut House right now. North Central Newf Club’s Education Day is coming up a couple of weeks from now, and Mom & Dad better take me to that! Anywho………..enjoy the pictures.

Friday, September 26, 2008

HEY Guess What!!!! I’m an International (Internet) Personality Now. No kiddin! My Dad won a custom embroidered top for my Mom at the North Central Newfoundland Club’s Annual Newfiepalooza event back in May. Dad forgot all about it after he sent my picture in. He sent mine in cause I’m such a handsome guy, and all around Smoochin Machine! Well back to the story……..Dad forgot about the project, sigh!, I mean common Dad, you forgot?? Well I would’nt tell Mom about that part.

So Dad gets an email from the lady, and she loves my picture so much (Hey Dad, remember to remind me to send her a paw-to-graph of me as Mr. Smooch “The World’s Greatest Smoocher.” She liked my stuff so much, she has put me on her website!

Now I’m an International Internet Star! Man I know now I’ll get lot’s of Bookings as Mr. Smooch. I’ll have no trouble keeping up with my Smoochin Quota! So anyway I’m attaching a photo of how I am being portrayed. Since she was nice enough to do that, I’m going to reciprocate and list her web sight. They do very nice work and I would give it 4 Paws up. Hey Nanook, check this site out for your Mom!

How I ended up in a SPA!!

WELL!!!!!!!! I just don’t know how to start! I don’t think I’ve ever been so badly tricked in my life! Today Dad gets a phone call from Mom, who had car trouble, so he had to go rescue her. Well that was OK, cause I like my Mom a lot, she gives me my Breakfast and always makes sure I get a Snacky or two. So she’s tops with me. Anyway, Dad gets up and gets us a quick snacky, and loads me and Ethel in the car, and off we go to rescue Mom! Then it happened. We went to that “Spa” place were Oreo was the other day. Dad gets us out of the car and takes us in. Well of course I thought this was some sort of scheduled appearance I had forgotten about as “Mr. Smooch, the World’s Greatest Smoocher,” or Dad was dropping Ethel off for a Spa appointment (you know girls, they have to be pretty all of the time). Then he hands me off too! I was flabbergasted!!!! Dad how could you!

Well I wasn’t really sure what tha heck was going on, but there was nothing but girls fussing over me so it wasn’t half bad to start. Everything was going OK, and they gave me a bath. Heck I’m a Newf, so water is no big deal to me, in fact I love it! But this girl whom I hardly know started washing me……….well…………I was so shocked I was pawstruck! She started washing my…….er………well………for lack
of a better word “BAGGAGE!!!!” I mean REALLY!!!! I hardly knew her! I just don’t want to talk about that part anymore. (Guy’s just be careful if you go there, they are so bold, ya know??!!??

So, after that embarrassment, we went and I got dried, I liked that part, you know nice warm air, made me feel snuggly. Then this other nice lady clipped me and made me even
more handsome than I already was. Man, they even have a monitor so you can watch while your haircut is going on. Pretty Cool I tell you!

In the mean time they bathed and groomed Ethel to. Considering she’s my sister, she was lookin pretty good too! She is really a sweet girl, even for a sister. So at the end I got to hang around cause Ethel was not likin being in a romm by herself, so I “protected” her from th
e Boogieman (Even though I know there really isn’t one. I hope anyway). So when Dad came to pick me up, I got lots of extra opportunities to give smooches and hugs to all of the girls there, so I guess it was worth the experience. I even gave the girl that grabbed my stuff an extra smooch to show there was no hard feelings. Anyway, I’m off for now. Next Posting will be about the North Central Newfoundland Club Water Test. I had friends there, so I’ll let you know how it came out. BTW here are my two favorite Smoochin subjects.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess Oreo's Trip to the Spa

Hi Guys, It's Ricky again. You know some days it just doen't pay to get up. I'm tell'in ya, sisters are such a pain! After a wonderful breakfast of Canidae, Red Salmon, Yogurt, and pumpkin, I had a nice comfortable tummy. You know what I mean, that nice satisified feeling, and everything's right in the world feeling! Well let me tell you that didn't last long! Dad calls Oreo over and he takes her for a RIDE!!!!!!!!!! Man, now everyone knows I'm Mr. Smooch, the Worlds Greatest Smoocher! As my due, I should have gotten to go for a ride! Well after a while, Dad comes back without Oreo!!??!! I mean even though sisters are a pain, she's not that big of a pain (Boy, I can't believe I'm writing that!)!

Dad tells everyone that Oreo went to the Spa, and that she'll be home later. MAN WHAT A GYP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean as the celibrity of the house, if anyone should have gotten to go, it should have been ME!!!!!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand what goes on in Dad's head! BTW what's a Spa? Oh, I see that's where you get a bath and a brush, and that big air blowy thingy puts wind on you. Now I can't understand that, you take all of the trouble to get wet, and that they want to get you un-wet???? Somehow that just doesn't make any sense!

So later in the day, Dad and Gma (my grandma), goes out and doesn't take ANYONE for a ride, I mean I'm really bummed here, twice gyped in one day! I mean, what does a Landseer have to do to get some respect here???? A little while later, Dad and Gma return with Oreo. Boy! What a load of Bones!

She comes PRANCING into the house like she's the be all, end all! With that "Look and the Princess" look about her. So BIG DEAL, she got a bath.....so what???? Hey wit a minute, SHE SMELLS TOO!!!!!!! OMGosh! Like a field of flowers or somethin! And she got a trim too! No wonder she's actin like the Queen of Sheba! Then she has to flaunt it around the house, rubbin it in everyone elses face too! I mean she does look pretty good (for a sister) for a girl Newfie, and she does smell pretty good too, even if I wouldn't tell her directly.

Dad said to Gma, that this was the cleanest place he had ever been to! He said the place was so clean, there was no dog hair ANYWHERE inside the plpace! WOWZER! I've never seen that! I told Dad, that I would have to see that myself to believe it! Dad told me I'd get the chance on Wednesday. OMGosh!!!! Dad's going to MAKE ME go to a SPA!!!!!!! What did I do to PO him?? Oh, wait a minute. I forgot I stole his bacon off of his plate yeasterday......Hmmmmm.......so that's my punishment huh, and I thought he had forgotten about that. Oh Well, maybe he'll forget to take me. What's that Dad? Ethel's going too? Crapola, now I guess I'm stuck. O well, maybe I can make something out of the day, by having a personal appreance as Mr. Smooch, and let me adoring fans, stop by for a smooch and a paw-to-graph. Well mabye the day won't be a total loss after all.

Well guys, I'll let you know what happens on Wednesday. So for now, remember; "A bone in the paw, is worth two in the bush." or somethin like that.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Great Weekend!!!!!

Guys Ricky here!

What a great weekend I had. Oh, yea, I forgot, the girls came and had a good time too! We went to visit people Mom & Dad know from Newf Net. I guess that make her our Auntie Jeannie. Anyway, we drove to Greenville, Ohio. Mom & Dad were there for some stupid glass covention, and we got to go along for the ride. They took us to this really cool place! Auntie Jeannie's! It had a great big Humongous Pond, and 5 acres, yes 5 Acres! of play yard. WhooHoo, it was Lanseer Heaven! I of course claimed the pond as my kingdom. I would swim for a while them splash and play bite the water. Man it was great!!!! I did share it with Ethel and Oreo, but Luci isn't much for water swimin, so she watched for the edge. Unfortunately, since Mom and Dad were at that glass thing, they didn't take any Pictures, so I can't show you what a great time I had. We got to stay for three days, and we made the most of it. I can highly recommend Auntie Jeannie's to anyone traveling to Greenville, OH. 6 Paws UP! You can check it out at: http://www.poochparlor.com/ Anyway, I'm going to chill with my Mom now, and get a little nappie in, so as that Tigger guy would say: "TTFN."

Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Look

Ricky Here; Being Mr. Smooch, "The World's Greatest Smoocher" I felt that a new look was in order. So I told Dad that I needed a Photo for a banner, and of course I "had" to add a picture of my sisters (notice it's small and to the side, so it doesn't detract from "my" photo!) to keep them somewhat happy. The picture is from the 2008 Newfoundland Club of America National Speciality in Warwick, RI. My Mom is standing beside me, and my Dad is hiding in the background with Oreo (notice I'm in front, so that means I'm more important!). So I hope you enjoy the new look.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rally Double Day - A Big WHOOHOO for my Sisters

Hi Guys, Ricky Here; I will be singing the praises of my sisters Ethel and Oreo today (and of course get in a plug of two for myself, Mr. Smooch, the world's Greatest Smoocher!), anyway;

Saturday (the 26th of July) was Rally Day at the Newfie Nut House. Dad and Mom got up really early, (and of course after seeing to my dietary needs) took Ethel and Oreo to Waukesha, Wisconsin for the Waukesha Kennel Club's annual Dog Show. I stayed at home to annoy Grandma, and pester her for treats and give her smooches, as my due........., but anyway back to the story. Ethel got to go into the show ring first, and was doin great. At end she had to Honor and a dog that had already show ran the course again. Ethel sat like a rock and didn't move, she was really good from what Dad said. Any way the Judge must have liked her, cause she qualified, and earned her Rally Excellent Title! WhooHoo for sister! As you can see Ethel (lying in front) is visiting with her new friend "Husker" who came to visit Mom and Dad at the show, along with his Human's Rebecca and Terry from Wisconsin. I haven't met Husker yet, but I will soon according to Mom and Dad. He seems cool anyway, and as the World Famous Mr. Smooch, I will guide him through Newfie Puppyhood, as I am the only guy around, and therefore eminently quilified. But, I digress, back to the story. So Dad and Mom were really proud of Ethel, I wasn't to concerned, after all, she's Rally Girl! As Alfred E. Newman said "What me Worry?"

Well not to be outdone, Oreo (Miss Smartypants) has decided she wants something to do too! It's not like she can't swim, and that knida of stuff, Ethel plotted with her to go to the Rally shows too. And even though she only trained for about 3 weeks, she got entered in the show by Dad, so she could see what it was like. Well! The only thing I can think is that Ethel must have talked to the Judge! Cause, Oreo went into the Novice ring, and QAULIFIED! WOW on her first ever time out! Even Dad was surprised, cause he was just taking her to expose her to the ring, people, and other dogs. And she fooled him and qualified! So, I guess I have to be proud of her too!! So now she has her fisrt Leg in Rally Novice, and had fun fooling Dad!!! Ha Ha Ha! Dad sooooooooo........... didn't expect her to qualify, just get used to the ring and stuff. Well she sure showed Dad! So that's all I have for now. Smooches to my adoring and Loyal Fans out there.


Mr. Smooch, the World's Greatest Smoocher.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 North Central Newfoundland Club Picnic

Well guys Ethel here. I know Ricky was posting about the National, but he's not here today, he's snoozing, so I have the helm. It was a cool weekend, as it was the North Central Newfoundland Club Annual Picnic. Originally Mom told me I could not go, cause I'm always goin somewhere with Dad, and that the others might be a tad jealous. Now I know that's not true, but I though Mom would feel better doing this. But as it got closer to the picnic, Ricky and Oreo didn't feel good, Ricky got into something (you know kids), and he was indisposed with the, hmmmmm...let's see how can I say this without grossing you out, Oh I know, he had liquidy poo. He was getting better, but he had to stay home. Oreo might have a lady problem, so she got to stay home too. So Mom and Dad took me (WhooHoo!) and Luci. Luci was all excited cause she doesn't get to go to events often.

Anyway, we got to the picnic site and their were lots of people (cool, that meant lots of Pets for ME!), and lots of other Newfies! Then I found out there were games! I got to play some of the games and won a prize in the Flooger Contest, I finsihed third, getting gyped out of second when I got bumped and my longest flooger broke. But it was OK, I got a cool prize (a cookie), and Dad got a magnetic Board for the Fridge. We met some new people, they had just joined, and played with their Newfie. I told her this was a cool club, and she would like the Water Seminar next month with my cool friends Roger and barbra Frey, I like him, he shows me how to be a Water Dog, so I can't wait until next month and lots of swimmin! Luci made lots of friends (she's kind of shy), and was having a good time. Dad feed us some macaroni and cheese, and some carrots, tomatoe grapes, and watermelon. It was a good lunch snacky. Then it got booring, cause the two legged guys had a meeting about hosting a National, and there was a lot of talking about that. Then they had the Brown Bag Auction, and Mom won some cool looking books, and a nice Newfie Pin. The Pin looked like Oreo, so I know my Mommy liked it. Then we all went home, and chilled out for the rest of the day, except Dad tricked us at the top of the Deck Stairs and took our photo all together. Then it was beddytime, and we all snuggled in bed together. It was a good day. See you soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 Newfoundland National Specialty - Part 2

Well its Ricky here again. I tell you, it’s hard enough being “Mr. Smooch” the World’s Greatest Smoocher, when you have sisters that try to foil you at every turn. As I told you we had to go and have another doctor check our hearts. Mine of course was great, as I am the Perfect Specimen of a Landseer, but Ethel was another matter. They checked and the Doctor said he wanted to do a Doppler. At first I thought it was something to eat, but I found out that they let you lay on a table, and then put a funny thing on you and the box makes this cool bump…bump….bump….noise and then there’s really terrible looking TV everyone was watching. After a while I figured out it was Ethel’s heart beating…Wow now that was really cool!!! It turned out that Ethel has an extra something on a valve (whatever that is) and it makes a funny noise, so Ehtel’s heart beat sounds funny, even though there is nothing wrong with her. Now that was good, but it delayed my smooching schedule.

After that we wandered around and I got to meet lots of cool people that I got to smooch, and some other Newfies too! Of course I had to formally Sniff before Smooching, I mean after all, I have to make sure I’m primarily smooching girls, even though I like guys, in a manly Newfie sorta way, but there’s a rumor that smooching guys is not cool, so I tend to make sure it’s OK first. Then much to my dismay we returned to the hotel. I heard Dad tell Mom that they were going to the Annual Meeting and Plate Sale. I was real excited then, they were going to buy us plates of food. Boy was I disappointed later on that night, when Dad & Mom returned home with plates, but NO FOOD!!!!!!! Rats, I was looking forward to a late snacky. But I did get to give out extra smooches, because Dad arranged with some friends on Newf Net to have a Personal Assistant cater to me while they were out. A nice girl named Jennifer, who was a student came to visit with me, and yes the girls too, while Mom & Dad were out. She was pretty cool, she gave me cookies, water, and then took me outside to goof around. She did that several days and it was really cool.

Wednesday arrived, and Ethel went off to Rally. I went too, but there were a lot of new people to smooch, so I stayed busy. It was nice out, and we strolled around and met people while Mom drug me around to all the vendors, but that was OK, cause some of the stuff she got was for me! WhooHoo!!! I got some cool toys, and treats, and got to smooch the vendors, so that was a bonus.

Thursday, I got to go to the “Rescue Parade.” Oreo came too. It was really great!!!! First, I got lots of attention and smooches, Yeah! Ladies gave ME smooches!!!!. Then Mom got a goodie bag that was for me only. It was great, I got a towel with my name on it, and a cool scarf! Then there were some snacks inside, and some other stuff (I didn’t have to share with the girls!), and we got to parade around while everyone clapped. Since I got to first, I thought all of the clapping was because they all know I was the World Famous “Mr. Smooch.” But then I learned that it was because my Mommy and Dad rescued me when I was little, so they were clapping for that. That was OK, cause I’m glad they did, cause I have a cool Mom and Dad, and my sisters are OK, and my Gmom is cool too. Oreo got to parade to, so I Whoo…Whoo….Whooed for her. I like Oreo, she’s cool, she doesn’t get mad and growl at me when I forget that she owns some of the toys too, and let’s me play with her toys. The rest of the day oreo and I went around and I showed her everything there was to see. She got lots of pets and hugs, and we got to meet more cool people, some even had a treat for us!

Well that’s all for this edition. I will have Dad post more pictures soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The 2008 Newfoundland National Specialty, Part 1

Well guys Ricky here. I’ve returned for my triumphant engagement at the Newf National Specialty. All I can say was that I was a hit with the Newfie Public. I was way overbooked on smooching events, but I managed to get everyone at the National Smooched that I saw. Some even were smooched on different occasions, even though I had already smooched them at least once before. But they were my adoring fans, so what’s a Landseer to do? But I’m getting ahead of myself here, and I’ll tell you about our week.

We left on Sunday, and the weather was great. The only issue was that I had to ride in the back of the van with the girls. While I like them and their OK, it’s still kind of insulting, as I’m the world famous “Mr. Smooch,” and I though I should ride up front. Mom said I was getting a big head, but I looked in the mirror, and my head was the same size it’s been, so I didn’t understand that! After a long drive (we did stop for potty breaks), it got dark and we stopped at a Holiday Inn Express in PA. It was a nice place and of course I had to smooch the staff. After all they deserved a tip. I got a decent snooze in, and was ready to go in the morning, after a hearty breakfast. The only bummer was it was raining. Boy it rained all day! We finally arrived in Rhode Island, which I didn’t understand, I never saw any water surrounding us, so I don’t know why they called it an Island?

The next (Tuesday) day Ethel got to have all the fun, and went to Rally, and then I got to go with her to walk around and meet my fans. It seemed like I had fans everywhere, cause when we stopped, I got to give smooches to everyone Mom & Dad met. So even though it rained, it was a good day, as my smoochin quota was ahead for my normal standard. It was kinda neat to, there were a lot of Newf’s around that I had never met before, so I got to sniff a lot of new sniffs! So between smoochin and sniffin, I was a busy guy. Later in the day, we got to go to something called a cardio clinic. Some guy put this thing on me, which was OK cause I got pets, and then I found out he was a Vet!! I didn’t smell any Vet smells so he surprised me and kinda snuck up on me in a way. But Mom said I had a good Heart (Heck, I knew that, you hafta be to be Mr. Smooch), so I guess it was OK. Then Dad took me next door. I thought hey this place is cool, there givin out cookies!! Little did I know I was going to get stabbed, and not just once but twice!! My Dad said something about DNA Research. I thought that meant “D”og “N”ummy “A”ssociation Research, and they were testing new cookies or something, boy was I wrong, next thing I know another Vet was stabbin me with a needle and trying to suck my blood out of my leg. When that didn’t work, they stuck a needle in my NECK!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! Afterwards I found out that it was a project for all Newfies to help other Newfies so they won’t get sick and stuff like that, so it was OK after all. Boy my Mom and Dad are smarter than I thought. Well that’s enough for today. I’ll post more on the rest of the week maybe tomarrow. Pictures will follow, but probably not today.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gittin Ready for the National

Hi guys; Mr. Smooch here! (Yes it's me Ricky). The house is more than the usual Newfie Nut House this week. Were getting ready to go to something called the "NATIONAL." Now me being kind of young still, even though I am the "Worlds Greatest Smoocher," I don't know a lot about what a "National" is, but apparently it is a big deal. I have already had to overbook smooching sessions with all my Dad's Newf Net and Newf-L friends, so my time will be pretty much taken up. But my sister Ethel is entered in the show, and Oreo is coming also. Oh and my favorite older sister Luci is coming so I will have plenty of sisters to do my bidding. So I will try to have everyone post their thoughts, but we may have to wait until we return. So I'll see you all later. In the mean time "smooches" to all.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ethel's Introduction - Rally Girl

Hi, I'm Ethel May Dakota Bear! I'm 2+ years old and I'm a Beautiful Black Newfoundland Girl. I was born in Illinois and my Mom (who just passed) and Dad live in Northern Illinois. So I'm a typical Midwestern Girl. My Mommy and Daddy love me very much, and take very good care of me. I came home a little early for a Newfie, at 9 weeks, but I quickly made myself at home, and learned how to be cute quickly. On my second day at home, I discovered the bestest way to check the counter for goodies. There was a stool in the kitchen and I found that I could get on it and sit so I could see better. That is a famous photo in our house according to Dad. He has his camera and caught me on it. I thought I would get in trouble, but Dad said it was cute and so did Mom, so I guess it was OK. Now I can only get two legs on it, but I can sure see better what's on the counter, even though I have manners, and never take anything unless I have permission. From the start, I've always been on the go. I love riding in the car, and trips are always lots of fun. So far I've gone to lots of Dog Shows, Newf Camp in Michigan, Newf Net Get-2-gether in Iowa (Thanks auntie Rhonda for inviting me), and River King Newfie Club's Rescue Parade (so Oreo could parade). Dad takes me to a lot of places but my favorite place is my Auntie Sara's Rally Training place. We get to have lots of fun with Rally Obedience. I get to show off at dog shows how good I am. I now have a Rally Advanced Title, and 2 Legs of my excellent title, and I hope to finish my title at the Newfoundland Club of America's National Speciality in Rhode Island. Now I'm not sure where Rhode Island is, but Dad says it's a long trip, but I'm ready! Then (paws crossed) I'll have a Rally Excellent Title. That would be nice. I've been very lucky so far, I've had 2 1st places, 2 2nd places, and 1 3rd place, and 2 4th places. I'm proud of my Daddy for helping me get them. So I'll let you know how I did. My favorite things are snugglin with Dad and Mom, annoying Grandma by givin her smooches when she's not watching. It's especially fun if she's in bed napping, and I can sneak up and give her a smooch. She is very funny when I get the chance, and makes the best noises when I can get her smooched without her knowing I'm coming. I also like to play with my older sister Oreo. My younger brother Ricky, is a pain, but he's my brother, so Mom says I have to be nice to him. You know how younger brothers are.....always pestering you, and what's worse, he's know as Mr. Smooch, the World's Greatest Smoocher, so he's always trying to smooch me and Oreo, and Luci too, but she likes it (Yuck)! Luci is my oldest sister, she taught me to go up and down the stairs, the best spots in the yard to lay in the grass, and how to get Dad to pass out cookies (a very important thing to know)! it's been a busy year so far, I got put in the OFA database, my DNA is helping to research Newfie Medical Issues, and I thought I was going to do special Water training, cuase my Daddy said me and Oreo were going to CERF, I though it was something to do in the water, turned out some lady was shining a light in my eyes, Rats!!! Well I'll have more to say when we return from the National. So remember, a flooger a day, will keep the cat away! Oh, PS - Dad will post more pictures of me soon!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ricky's Story - AKA Mr. Smooch

Hi; I'm Ricky, also known as Ricky Ricardo's Cuban CongaBoy. I'm a Newfoundland and best of all I'm a "Landseer!!," and you know what they say about Landseers! I am 1 year and 3 Months old. I also have the distinction of being called "Mr. Smooch!" I had to earn that nickname, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I currently hold the title of "World's Greatest Smoocher!" It's a tough life being the worlds greatest smoocher, but the rewards are pretty cool. Anyway, on with my story...... It all started last year shortly before I was born. My Mommy (Camillea) was bred with my Daddy (Barkley - Cool name for a Dad), and then, Mom and Dad went to Rescue. I'm not really sure why, after all they are Landseer's and they are the coolest Newfoundland's of all! At least that's what I think. So back to the story.............they go into rescue and my Aunt Donna, at Autumn Acres was surprised to find that my Mom was pregnant when she arrived. Needless to say I was born (Taa-Daa!!!!!!!!!!!!). Then, Auntie Donna called my new Daddy, and wanted help to find me a home, she even sent him a picture of me (I knew just how to pose to be cute) so that my new Dad would be wanting to bring me home. The next thing I knew one of Anutie Donna's friends drove me half-way to my new home, and now I have the coolest Mom and Dad I know!! I even have three sisters (although they are a pain sometimes, especially when I'm trying to get my quota of smoochin in!). So I went from being a cute 25 pound pupper, to being the man I am now at a whooping 97 Lbs (Oh OK Dad I'm not quite a man yet.......but I'm working on it). My day is spent guarding my G-Ma who is almost 88, and she needs my help to keep my sisters in line. I also have jobs to do, I check the counters periodically to ensure that no food has been left out to spoil, I mean after all, I don't want Mom and Dad to eat bad food. I also make sure that the Birds in the backyard don't hang around too long, cause they might hog the feeder in the yard. And of course I have to go to this place called Pet Smart. I'm responsible for "inspecting" the shelves to see if any cookies or toys are out of place! I also have to visit my frined the "Blue Buffalo Lady" who is kinda my girlfriend, and I always make sure she gets lots of extra smooches. She has good cookies too!! I like her a lot even though I don't eat their dog food, although I'm sure it's as good as what I get. Well any way, for those of you going, I will be available for authgraphs and smooches at the Newfoundland National Speciality this year. Due to the high demand for the world's Gratset Smoocher, I will be there all week. So stop by, I always have a smooch available for my adoring public! By the way, since many of you will be traveling long distances to see me, my normal personal appearance fees will be waived for the week, of course, if you happened to have a wheat and corn free extra cookie on you, I wouldn't be snobby and turn it down. After all that wouldn't be polite.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The rest of the NutHouse

I don't have a lot of time today, but thought I would introduce some of the other Nuts of the NutHouse.

Luci - She's the one that started the Newfie NutHouse. We were at a PetSmart in South Bend, IN, near my MIL's House, and we had just lost our Rottie (Hattie) to cancer. We had to get dog food for the Pom's so we stopped in. It was Puppy Adoption Day. There is a crate was 4 Newfie Mix Puppers. Luci was in the back of the Crate. The lady told us they were Newfie Mixes and that the one on the back was shy. After that Luci came out of the crate to us and climed in my lap. Guess we went home with a Pupper.

Elise - The Mini-Newf Pom - We lost three of our Poms to the Bridge within the last 12 months, Coco who was almost 17, Vanna 15, and Misti 15. Jusy was missing her Poms, and had alsways wanted a White Pom, so I found a Breeder who specialized in White Pom's so while we were in Indianapolis, IN for a Carnival Glass Convention (more on Carnival later) we drive another 1 1/2 Hours and picked her up from the Breeder. She has turned out the be a combination of the three, and is perky and bouncy just like tigger.

Freda the MaCaw (Blue & Gold) - She is a Rescue from out Vet. We have had MaCaws before, and thought she should have a home. She is about 35 Years Old.

Abby the Pom - This is the MIL's baby. She is 15, and has now lost her vision. She is still fiesty, and loves to lay on the bed and eat treats, and of course get spoiled by her Mom.

That's about all for now, more later....................

Monday, April 7, 2008


Welcome to the Newfie Nut House. I'm Ted the Head Nut. Along with Judy my assistant (and Wife), and Mom (Judy's) Marie, we live in the Nutty World of the Newfoundland Dog. I got the idea to start this blog from my friend Nessa on Newf Net. She has the "bestest" Blog, and some cool Newfies (Nanook and Pooka). So I thought I would give Blogging a try. I will be posting more when I have time so stay tuned for Newfie Nuttyness!

To Introduce our Nuts (and not in any particular Order)

Ethel - Ethel May Dakota Bear Meeker (11/05) RA CGC
Luci - Luci Mahgilacutty ILuvU (2/04) Our Newfie Mix
Oreo - Tybee Island's Lighthouse Tempest Savior (5/05) (Our Rescue Girl)
Ricky - Ricky Ricardo's Cuban CongaBoy (1/07) (Our Rescue Boy)
Elise - Eden's Alpine Edelwiess (7/07) The Mini-Newf (Really a Pom)
Abby - Mom's Pom
Fredia - The Blue & Gold MaCaw (about 35 Years Old)

So that's the Nut House. More Later.......................................