Friday, April 25, 2008

Gittin Ready for the National

Hi guys; Mr. Smooch here! (Yes it's me Ricky). The house is more than the usual Newfie Nut House this week. Were getting ready to go to something called the "NATIONAL." Now me being kind of young still, even though I am the "Worlds Greatest Smoocher," I don't know a lot about what a "National" is, but apparently it is a big deal. I have already had to overbook smooching sessions with all my Dad's Newf Net and Newf-L friends, so my time will be pretty much taken up. But my sister Ethel is entered in the show, and Oreo is coming also. Oh and my favorite older sister Luci is coming so I will have plenty of sisters to do my bidding. So I will try to have everyone post their thoughts, but we may have to wait until we return. So I'll see you all later. In the mean time "smooches" to all.