Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethel’s 3rd BoofDay Party!

Saturday was Ethel’s 3rd Boof Day. And while it wasn’t mine, it was pretty cool! We all started the day with a special breakfast. We got pumpkin, yogurt (vanilla my fav!), Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Fresh Broiled Red Salmon, as well as our regular junk. Man-o-man! It was a Yum-o-licious Taste Treat!!! I can’t tell you how yummy that was!

Then we got the opportunity for some relaxin time. Later in the day, Ethel, Elise (my little pest sister) got to go to Pet Smart to pick out presents. Ethel cause it was her birthday, Husker, cause Mom & Dad thought he was a “guest” and got special treatment, and Elise cause her Birthday was on Monday. So I guess under the circumstances it was alright that I did not get to go.

So after they scarfed up loot, they came home. Apparently Ethel & Husker were a hit, cause they got all of the hugs and smooches I would have gotten if I had went. After that it was Party time!!!! WhooHoo!! Boy Mom and Dad know how to throw a party! Dad made Ethel a cake with frosting and it had this cool bone candle. Everyone sang Happy Boof Day, then we had the cake and Boy it was good! Ethel and Elise got to open their presents, and Ethel let me play with some of them too, which I thought was nice. So all-in-all it was a great day, and I had a lot of fun. I hop my birthday in January is just as good.

Cousin Husker Come’s-a-Visitin!

It was an exciting week here. Dad tells me Husker is comin to visit for a week! Man I like him, so I was really excited. I mean after all, it will even up the odds around here some. He’s our cousin (Newfy Cousin that is) from Wisconsin, and his Mom and Dad were going out of town for a week so he got to come and stay with us. Last Monday evening he arrived, and we greeted each other like old pals. Actually more like an older brother who has a cool younger brother. So we sniffed around, and had a good time. Saturday was a particularly good day, as we got to play for a long time in the yard, and had a lot of fun. It was cool having him at the house.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day Without Ethel

Well Sunday was “Education Day” for the North Central Newf Club. That’s the Club I belong to. All of the Newfs in Upper Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Wisconsin belong to this club. The nice thing is that we let our “human” minions (Mom & Dad) come to these club events, which is cool, as they bring snackies, and other things to eat, and of course there is Newfie things to do.

Like last years for education day, we had everything Newfies do day. There was swimin, cart pullin (I think we used to pull carts in the olden days to haul our treats and snackies), Obedience, and somthin called Con-4-mation. Anyway it was way cool last year, I had a Blast! I got in 4 hours of Smoochin and went well over my smoochin quota. Sometimes it’s tuff to get in a good days smoochin when you’re the “World’s Greatest Smoocher.”

So this year, I wake up on Sunday for a rip-roaring day of smoochin, and snackies, only to find out, “I’M NOT GOIN!!!!!” Mom tells me; “You went last years, it’s someone else’s turn.” Man I was devastated, I was all worked up for a day of smoochin, and instead I get to spend the day with my “G”Ma, and Oreo and Luci. I don’t even count Elise the Mini-Newf, cause she’s so small. Mom says Ethel gets to go this year, cause she’s never gone. Oh Well, Rats!

So while I’m hangin with my “G”Ma, Ethel got to go. After she came home, she told be what went on, sounds like I would have had a great time. She said that Mom & Dad drove for over an hour, and she got to look out the window the whole time. Then she said they got to the place, and low and behold they had Draft Day for Education Day. She got to wear a harness, and get hooked up to a real cart! WOW!! She said she didn’t really like the cart, but I think that was because she wasn’t used to it, so she was nervous. She’s like that, a little chicken, but when she’s used to something she is really good at it. Then they got to have snackies, which I missed! Mom & Dad took photos, and I got to post a couple here for your entertainment. Not much else going on, other than our cousin Husker is coming to visit in a week, so I guess I’ll report on that next. Pictures Later!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well guys Ricky here. I thought you would like to know how Mom & Dad gyped me a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been so……….upset about it, this is the forst opportunity I’ve had to write.

Frist, Oh the shame of it. Mom & Dad went to a Newf event, and I didn’t get to go. They went to the North Central Newfoundland Club’s Draft Test, and left me home! I mean I didn’t get an opportunity to smooch anyone! What a tragedy! They said they were “Stewarding” whatever that was, and I had to stay home. The only solice in it was that I wasn’t alone HA HA! The girls had to stay home too! So at least that was a bonus!

Dad did take some photos so, I’ll post a couple here. It does look like fun, maybe Dad will figure out that I would at least like to try this (Hint Hint!!! DAD??!!??)

Then ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT! Mom & Dad took Ethel and Oreo to the River King Newfoundland Club Regional Speciality (Dog Show). WELL!!!! I mean I’m a DOG, why couldn’t I GO?????? Then my snotty lil sisters come home and tell me what a great time they had, and how they got to stay in a hotel, and smooze around which some of their dog friends all weekend, while I had to stay home with my Grandma! WHAT A RIP!!!!!

They said they had to go, as they were showing! Showing what they didn’t say, but apparently Ethel did it well enough she got ribbons! Then she got a reward, and Mom & Dad didn’t bring me home squat-tol-la!!!!! That made me upset. The to make matters worse, Ehtel was walkin around the house like the was "Queen of the May!" Givin me Na-Na-NANA-NA! I got 1st Place! Like I casre! (Well I guess she did good, after all she's my sister. But I forgave Mom & Dad later, cause we got Salmon for dinner! (Ah……………..my weakness!!!!! Other than Smoochin that is). But Dad actually won something this time at the raffle. It was this pretty cool chest, which Dad says he’s goning to keep the brushes (I like being brushed) and groomin stuff in, as well as treats!!! WhooHoo, It is pretty cool, some guy Dad knows made it and donated it from Newfie Rescue, so Dad had bought tickets for it, and they pulled his name!! Pretty cool, if you ask me, and it’s got a Newfie on it, so that means it has to be used for us! I put a picture of in here also.

The only bright spot in the week was that it was Halloween (Whatever the Heck that is??) and we got a treat......Pumpkins! Man are they tastey! I'm throwin in a couple pictures is us gettin our pumpkins. They are so good, and they are apparently good for you according to Mom, Yeah, I know Mom's are always tryin to get you'se to eat good stuff, but in this case, this is something that TASTES GOOD!

So anyway…………That’s what’s goin on at the Newfie Nut House right now. North Central Newf Club’s Education Day is coming up a couple of weeks from now, and Mom & Dad better take me to that! Anywho………..enjoy the pictures.