Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethel’s 3rd BoofDay Party!

Saturday was Ethel’s 3rd Boof Day. And while it wasn’t mine, it was pretty cool! We all started the day with a special breakfast. We got pumpkin, yogurt (vanilla my fav!), Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Fresh Broiled Red Salmon, as well as our regular junk. Man-o-man! It was a Yum-o-licious Taste Treat!!! I can’t tell you how yummy that was!

Then we got the opportunity for some relaxin time. Later in the day, Ethel, Elise (my little pest sister) got to go to Pet Smart to pick out presents. Ethel cause it was her birthday, Husker, cause Mom & Dad thought he was a “guest” and got special treatment, and Elise cause her Birthday was on Monday. So I guess under the circumstances it was alright that I did not get to go.

So after they scarfed up loot, they came home. Apparently Ethel & Husker were a hit, cause they got all of the hugs and smooches I would have gotten if I had went. After that it was Party time!!!! WhooHoo!! Boy Mom and Dad know how to throw a party! Dad made Ethel a cake with frosting and it had this cool bone candle. Everyone sang Happy Boof Day, then we had the cake and Boy it was good! Ethel and Elise got to open their presents, and Ethel let me play with some of them too, which I thought was nice. So all-in-all it was a great day, and I had a lot of fun. I hop my birthday in January is just as good.


Ms. ~K said...

Love those Newfies!

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louis said...

Happy BoofDay Ethel!

Love and Licks from your Newfie friends, Katie and Louie

hollythenewfcom said...

Happy B-Day Ethel. Holly The Newf here. I was really excited to find your blog. I was even more excited to see my Flickr picture in your slideshow. Thanks so much! I'm a 3 year old Newfoundland living in Western MD. I am a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. I see your family enjoys carting. I just started pulling carts and sleds this year. Isn't it fun? You'll have to stop by my web site at HollyTheNewf.com or my blog. You can also look me up on Facebook. I'm "Holly TheNewf". Nice to meet you guys and I'll recommend your blog to other Newf lovers.