Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day Without Ethel

Well Sunday was “Education Day” for the North Central Newf Club. That’s the Club I belong to. All of the Newfs in Upper Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Wisconsin belong to this club. The nice thing is that we let our “human” minions (Mom & Dad) come to these club events, which is cool, as they bring snackies, and other things to eat, and of course there is Newfie things to do.

Like last years for education day, we had everything Newfies do day. There was swimin, cart pullin (I think we used to pull carts in the olden days to haul our treats and snackies), Obedience, and somthin called Con-4-mation. Anyway it was way cool last year, I had a Blast! I got in 4 hours of Smoochin and went well over my smoochin quota. Sometimes it’s tuff to get in a good days smoochin when you’re the “World’s Greatest Smoocher.”

So this year, I wake up on Sunday for a rip-roaring day of smoochin, and snackies, only to find out, “I’M NOT GOIN!!!!!” Mom tells me; “You went last years, it’s someone else’s turn.” Man I was devastated, I was all worked up for a day of smoochin, and instead I get to spend the day with my “G”Ma, and Oreo and Luci. I don’t even count Elise the Mini-Newf, cause she’s so small. Mom says Ethel gets to go this year, cause she’s never gone. Oh Well, Rats!

So while I’m hangin with my “G”Ma, Ethel got to go. After she came home, she told be what went on, sounds like I would have had a great time. She said that Mom & Dad drove for over an hour, and she got to look out the window the whole time. Then she said they got to the place, and low and behold they had Draft Day for Education Day. She got to wear a harness, and get hooked up to a real cart! WOW!! She said she didn’t really like the cart, but I think that was because she wasn’t used to it, so she was nervous. She’s like that, a little chicken, but when she’s used to something she is really good at it. Then they got to have snackies, which I missed! Mom & Dad took photos, and I got to post a couple here for your entertainment. Not much else going on, other than our cousin Husker is coming to visit in a week, so I guess I’ll report on that next. Pictures Later!

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