Friday, April 11, 2008

Ricky's Story - AKA Mr. Smooch

Hi; I'm Ricky, also known as Ricky Ricardo's Cuban CongaBoy. I'm a Newfoundland and best of all I'm a "Landseer!!," and you know what they say about Landseers! I am 1 year and 3 Months old. I also have the distinction of being called "Mr. Smooch!" I had to earn that nickname, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I currently hold the title of "World's Greatest Smoocher!" It's a tough life being the worlds greatest smoocher, but the rewards are pretty cool. Anyway, on with my story...... It all started last year shortly before I was born. My Mommy (Camillea) was bred with my Daddy (Barkley - Cool name for a Dad), and then, Mom and Dad went to Rescue. I'm not really sure why, after all they are Landseer's and they are the coolest Newfoundland's of all! At least that's what I think. So back to the story.............they go into rescue and my Aunt Donna, at Autumn Acres was surprised to find that my Mom was pregnant when she arrived. Needless to say I was born (Taa-Daa!!!!!!!!!!!!). Then, Auntie Donna called my new Daddy, and wanted help to find me a home, she even sent him a picture of me (I knew just how to pose to be cute) so that my new Dad would be wanting to bring me home. The next thing I knew one of Anutie Donna's friends drove me half-way to my new home, and now I have the coolest Mom and Dad I know!! I even have three sisters (although they are a pain sometimes, especially when I'm trying to get my quota of smoochin in!). So I went from being a cute 25 pound pupper, to being the man I am now at a whooping 97 Lbs (Oh OK Dad I'm not quite a man yet.......but I'm working on it). My day is spent guarding my G-Ma who is almost 88, and she needs my help to keep my sisters in line. I also have jobs to do, I check the counters periodically to ensure that no food has been left out to spoil, I mean after all, I don't want Mom and Dad to eat bad food. I also make sure that the Birds in the backyard don't hang around too long, cause they might hog the feeder in the yard. And of course I have to go to this place called Pet Smart. I'm responsible for "inspecting" the shelves to see if any cookies or toys are out of place! I also have to visit my frined the "Blue Buffalo Lady" who is kinda my girlfriend, and I always make sure she gets lots of extra smooches. She has good cookies too!! I like her a lot even though I don't eat their dog food, although I'm sure it's as good as what I get. Well any way, for those of you going, I will be available for authgraphs and smooches at the Newfoundland National Speciality this year. Due to the high demand for the world's Gratset Smoocher, I will be there all week. So stop by, I always have a smooch available for my adoring public! By the way, since many of you will be traveling long distances to see me, my normal personal appearance fees will be waived for the week, of course, if you happened to have a wheat and corn free extra cookie on you, I wouldn't be snobby and turn it down. After all that wouldn't be polite.


Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hi Mr Smooch! You and Tank might have to have a smooch off! You are one cute puppy!

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

That's one handsome landseer!