Friday, May 9, 2008

The 2008 Newfoundland National Specialty, Part 1

Well guys Ricky here. I’ve returned for my triumphant engagement at the Newf National Specialty. All I can say was that I was a hit with the Newfie Public. I was way overbooked on smooching events, but I managed to get everyone at the National Smooched that I saw. Some even were smooched on different occasions, even though I had already smooched them at least once before. But they were my adoring fans, so what’s a Landseer to do? But I’m getting ahead of myself here, and I’ll tell you about our week.

We left on Sunday, and the weather was great. The only issue was that I had to ride in the back of the van with the girls. While I like them and their OK, it’s still kind of insulting, as I’m the world famous “Mr. Smooch,” and I though I should ride up front. Mom said I was getting a big head, but I looked in the mirror, and my head was the same size it’s been, so I didn’t understand that! After a long drive (we did stop for potty breaks), it got dark and we stopped at a Holiday Inn Express in PA. It was a nice place and of course I had to smooch the staff. After all they deserved a tip. I got a decent snooze in, and was ready to go in the morning, after a hearty breakfast. The only bummer was it was raining. Boy it rained all day! We finally arrived in Rhode Island, which I didn’t understand, I never saw any water surrounding us, so I don’t know why they called it an Island?

The next (Tuesday) day Ethel got to have all the fun, and went to Rally, and then I got to go with her to walk around and meet my fans. It seemed like I had fans everywhere, cause when we stopped, I got to give smooches to everyone Mom & Dad met. So even though it rained, it was a good day, as my smoochin quota was ahead for my normal standard. It was kinda neat to, there were a lot of Newf’s around that I had never met before, so I got to sniff a lot of new sniffs! So between smoochin and sniffin, I was a busy guy. Later in the day, we got to go to something called a cardio clinic. Some guy put this thing on me, which was OK cause I got pets, and then I found out he was a Vet!! I didn’t smell any Vet smells so he surprised me and kinda snuck up on me in a way. But Mom said I had a good Heart (Heck, I knew that, you hafta be to be Mr. Smooch), so I guess it was OK. Then Dad took me next door. I thought hey this place is cool, there givin out cookies!! Little did I know I was going to get stabbed, and not just once but twice!! My Dad said something about DNA Research. I thought that meant “D”og “N”ummy “A”ssociation Research, and they were testing new cookies or something, boy was I wrong, next thing I know another Vet was stabbin me with a needle and trying to suck my blood out of my leg. When that didn’t work, they stuck a needle in my NECK!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! Afterwards I found out that it was a project for all Newfies to help other Newfies so they won’t get sick and stuff like that, so it was OK after all. Boy my Mom and Dad are smarter than I thought. Well that’s enough for today. I’ll post more on the rest of the week maybe tomarrow. Pictures will follow, but probably not today.

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Gary,Charity,Katie&Louis said...

It sounds like an awesome time! Thanks for sharing it with us. Katie and Louis send some big Newfie smooches to you Mr. Smooch.