Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 Newfoundland National Specialty - Part 2

Well its Ricky here again. I tell you, it’s hard enough being “Mr. Smooch” the World’s Greatest Smoocher, when you have sisters that try to foil you at every turn. As I told you we had to go and have another doctor check our hearts. Mine of course was great, as I am the Perfect Specimen of a Landseer, but Ethel was another matter. They checked and the Doctor said he wanted to do a Doppler. At first I thought it was something to eat, but I found out that they let you lay on a table, and then put a funny thing on you and the box makes this cool bump…bump….bump….noise and then there’s really terrible looking TV everyone was watching. After a while I figured out it was Ethel’s heart beating…Wow now that was really cool!!! It turned out that Ethel has an extra something on a valve (whatever that is) and it makes a funny noise, so Ehtel’s heart beat sounds funny, even though there is nothing wrong with her. Now that was good, but it delayed my smooching schedule.

After that we wandered around and I got to meet lots of cool people that I got to smooch, and some other Newfies too! Of course I had to formally Sniff before Smooching, I mean after all, I have to make sure I’m primarily smooching girls, even though I like guys, in a manly Newfie sorta way, but there’s a rumor that smooching guys is not cool, so I tend to make sure it’s OK first. Then much to my dismay we returned to the hotel. I heard Dad tell Mom that they were going to the Annual Meeting and Plate Sale. I was real excited then, they were going to buy us plates of food. Boy was I disappointed later on that night, when Dad & Mom returned home with plates, but NO FOOD!!!!!!! Rats, I was looking forward to a late snacky. But I did get to give out extra smooches, because Dad arranged with some friends on Newf Net to have a Personal Assistant cater to me while they were out. A nice girl named Jennifer, who was a student came to visit with me, and yes the girls too, while Mom & Dad were out. She was pretty cool, she gave me cookies, water, and then took me outside to goof around. She did that several days and it was really cool.

Wednesday arrived, and Ethel went off to Rally. I went too, but there were a lot of new people to smooch, so I stayed busy. It was nice out, and we strolled around and met people while Mom drug me around to all the vendors, but that was OK, cause some of the stuff she got was for me! WhooHoo!!! I got some cool toys, and treats, and got to smooch the vendors, so that was a bonus.

Thursday, I got to go to the “Rescue Parade.” Oreo came too. It was really great!!!! First, I got lots of attention and smooches, Yeah! Ladies gave ME smooches!!!!. Then Mom got a goodie bag that was for me only. It was great, I got a towel with my name on it, and a cool scarf! Then there were some snacks inside, and some other stuff (I didn’t have to share with the girls!), and we got to parade around while everyone clapped. Since I got to first, I thought all of the clapping was because they all know I was the World Famous “Mr. Smooch.” But then I learned that it was because my Mommy and Dad rescued me when I was little, so they were clapping for that. That was OK, cause I’m glad they did, cause I have a cool Mom and Dad, and my sisters are OK, and my Gmom is cool too. Oreo got to parade to, so I Whoo…Whoo….Whooed for her. I like Oreo, she’s cool, she doesn’t get mad and growl at me when I forget that she owns some of the toys too, and let’s me play with her toys. The rest of the day oreo and I went around and I showed her everything there was to see. She got lots of pets and hugs, and we got to meet more cool people, some even had a treat for us!

Well that’s all for this edition. I will have Dad post more pictures soon.

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