Monday, July 28, 2008

Rally Double Day - A Big WHOOHOO for my Sisters

Hi Guys, Ricky Here; I will be singing the praises of my sisters Ethel and Oreo today (and of course get in a plug of two for myself, Mr. Smooch, the world's Greatest Smoocher!), anyway;

Saturday (the 26th of July) was Rally Day at the Newfie Nut House. Dad and Mom got up really early, (and of course after seeing to my dietary needs) took Ethel and Oreo to Waukesha, Wisconsin for the Waukesha Kennel Club's annual Dog Show. I stayed at home to annoy Grandma, and pester her for treats and give her smooches, as my due........., but anyway back to the story. Ethel got to go into the show ring first, and was doin great. At end she had to Honor and a dog that had already show ran the course again. Ethel sat like a rock and didn't move, she was really good from what Dad said. Any way the Judge must have liked her, cause she qualified, and earned her Rally Excellent Title! WhooHoo for sister! As you can see Ethel (lying in front) is visiting with her new friend "Husker" who came to visit Mom and Dad at the show, along with his Human's Rebecca and Terry from Wisconsin. I haven't met Husker yet, but I will soon according to Mom and Dad. He seems cool anyway, and as the World Famous Mr. Smooch, I will guide him through Newfie Puppyhood, as I am the only guy around, and therefore eminently quilified. But, I digress, back to the story. So Dad and Mom were really proud of Ethel, I wasn't to concerned, after all, she's Rally Girl! As Alfred E. Newman said "What me Worry?"

Well not to be outdone, Oreo (Miss Smartypants) has decided she wants something to do too! It's not like she can't swim, and that knida of stuff, Ethel plotted with her to go to the Rally shows too. And even though she only trained for about 3 weeks, she got entered in the show by Dad, so she could see what it was like. Well! The only thing I can think is that Ethel must have talked to the Judge! Cause, Oreo went into the Novice ring, and QAULIFIED! WOW on her first ever time out! Even Dad was surprised, cause he was just taking her to expose her to the ring, people, and other dogs. And she fooled him and qualified! So, I guess I have to be proud of her too!! So now she has her fisrt Leg in Rally Novice, and had fun fooling Dad!!! Ha Ha Ha! Dad sooooooooo........... didn't expect her to qualify, just get used to the ring and stuff. Well she sure showed Dad! So that's all I have for now. Smooches to my adoring and Loyal Fans out there.


Mr. Smooch, the World's Greatest Smoocher.

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Nessa said...

Right on girls! we're not surprised you rocked the house.