Friday, September 26, 2008

HEY Guess What!!!! I’m an International (Internet) Personality Now. No kiddin! My Dad won a custom embroidered top for my Mom at the North Central Newfoundland Club’s Annual Newfiepalooza event back in May. Dad forgot all about it after he sent my picture in. He sent mine in cause I’m such a handsome guy, and all around Smoochin Machine! Well back to the story……..Dad forgot about the project, sigh!, I mean common Dad, you forgot?? Well I would’nt tell Mom about that part.

So Dad gets an email from the lady, and she loves my picture so much (Hey Dad, remember to remind me to send her a paw-to-graph of me as Mr. Smooch “The World’s Greatest Smoocher.” She liked my stuff so much, she has put me on her website!

Now I’m an International Internet Star! Man I know now I’ll get lot’s of Bookings as Mr. Smooch. I’ll have no trouble keeping up with my Smoochin Quota! So anyway I’m attaching a photo of how I am being portrayed. Since she was nice enough to do that, I’m going to reciprocate and list her web sight. They do very nice work and I would give it 4 Paws up. Hey Nanook, check this site out for your Mom!

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