Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess Oreo's Trip to the Spa

Hi Guys, It's Ricky again. You know some days it just doen't pay to get up. I'm tell'in ya, sisters are such a pain! After a wonderful breakfast of Canidae, Red Salmon, Yogurt, and pumpkin, I had a nice comfortable tummy. You know what I mean, that nice satisified feeling, and everything's right in the world feeling! Well let me tell you that didn't last long! Dad calls Oreo over and he takes her for a RIDE!!!!!!!!!! Man, now everyone knows I'm Mr. Smooch, the Worlds Greatest Smoocher! As my due, I should have gotten to go for a ride! Well after a while, Dad comes back without Oreo!!??!! I mean even though sisters are a pain, she's not that big of a pain (Boy, I can't believe I'm writing that!)!

Dad tells everyone that Oreo went to the Spa, and that she'll be home later. MAN WHAT A GYP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean as the celibrity of the house, if anyone should have gotten to go, it should have been ME!!!!!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand what goes on in Dad's head! BTW what's a Spa? Oh, I see that's where you get a bath and a brush, and that big air blowy thingy puts wind on you. Now I can't understand that, you take all of the trouble to get wet, and that they want to get you un-wet???? Somehow that just doesn't make any sense!

So later in the day, Dad and Gma (my grandma), goes out and doesn't take ANYONE for a ride, I mean I'm really bummed here, twice gyped in one day! I mean, what does a Landseer have to do to get some respect here???? A little while later, Dad and Gma return with Oreo. Boy! What a load of Bones!

She comes PRANCING into the house like she's the be all, end all! With that "Look and the Princess" look about her. So BIG DEAL, she got a bath.....so what???? Hey wit a minute, SHE SMELLS TOO!!!!!!! OMGosh! Like a field of flowers or somethin! And she got a trim too! No wonder she's actin like the Queen of Sheba! Then she has to flaunt it around the house, rubbin it in everyone elses face too! I mean she does look pretty good (for a sister) for a girl Newfie, and she does smell pretty good too, even if I wouldn't tell her directly.

Dad said to Gma, that this was the cleanest place he had ever been to! He said the place was so clean, there was no dog hair ANYWHERE inside the plpace! WOWZER! I've never seen that! I told Dad, that I would have to see that myself to believe it! Dad told me I'd get the chance on Wednesday. OMGosh!!!! Dad's going to MAKE ME go to a SPA!!!!!!! What did I do to PO him?? Oh, wait a minute. I forgot I stole his bacon off of his plate yeasterday......Hmmmmm.......so that's my punishment huh, and I thought he had forgotten about that. Oh Well, maybe he'll forget to take me. What's that Dad? Ethel's going too? Crapola, now I guess I'm stuck. O well, maybe I can make something out of the day, by having a personal appreance as Mr. Smooch, and let me adoring fans, stop by for a smooch and a paw-to-graph. Well mabye the day won't be a total loss after all.

Well guys, I'll let you know what happens on Wednesday. So for now, remember; "A bone in the paw, is worth two in the bush." or somethin like that.


Pet Care Specialist said...

Good morning Oreo,
The staff at Pet Care Specialist would like to thank you for visiting our spa:) It was an honor to have groomed such a spectacular breed. You are fun kissable and a joy to groom. Looking foward to the next two of your buddies. Thank you for the patronage, have a blessed day:)
Your salon manager,
Veronica Lee

Fluff Muffin said...

I saw how shiny and beautiful oreos coat was after going to the Pet Care Specialist.

I've had my Bichon/Terrier Mix groomed by the salon Manager Veronica Lee and find her to be an exceptional groomer.

I never want to go anywhere else to get my dog Max groomed, and believe me, I've been to way too many groomers.

Natalie Donat, Customer

Raising Addie said...

Oreo you are beautiful!!!

I love your blog. I'm new here and wanted to say Hi!




We can't remember if we met before so we're just gonna say nice to meet you and we really like you pictures.

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