Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What a Great Weekend!!!!!

Guys Ricky here!

What a great weekend I had. Oh, yea, I forgot, the girls came and had a good time too! We went to visit people Mom & Dad know from Newf Net. I guess that make her our Auntie Jeannie. Anyway, we drove to Greenville, Ohio. Mom & Dad were there for some stupid glass covention, and we got to go along for the ride. They took us to this really cool place! Auntie Jeannie's! It had a great big Humongous Pond, and 5 acres, yes 5 Acres! of play yard. WhooHoo, it was Lanseer Heaven! I of course claimed the pond as my kingdom. I would swim for a while them splash and play bite the water. Man it was great!!!! I did share it with Ethel and Oreo, but Luci isn't much for water swimin, so she watched for the edge. Unfortunately, since Mom and Dad were at that glass thing, they didn't take any Pictures, so I can't show you what a great time I had. We got to stay for three days, and we made the most of it. I can highly recommend Auntie Jeannie's to anyone traveling to Greenville, OH. 6 Paws UP! You can check it out at: http://www.poochparlor.com/ Anyway, I'm going to chill with my Mom now, and get a little nappie in, so as that Tigger guy would say: "TTFN."

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