Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well Guys, My Daddy, has been a Baaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd Daddy.  He’s been keepin me from Da computer, So’se I kan’t post.  I knkow, I probably should git my own puter, but I’m saving my Bones fer a swimming poolz and that’s pretty important to us Newfies!

So anyway I has a lot of katching-up to do.  Let’s see where to start?  Oh I know, I’ll start with the pest  - Tigger.  I know she’s my little sister, and she let me moov up the Seniority ladder, so I probably should cut her some slack.

Anyway, she’s been a busy little puppy, since she came here.  In a way she’s little miss “Special.”  I mean Mom and Dad are always taking her to Shows, and she gets special treatment too.  But I guess she’s doin OK, cause she has been bringing home the Blue and Multi-colored ribbons that the Judge-guy (or girl, after all I don’t want to sound like I don’t like Girls) gives her.  She even gets her picture taken with Judges.  So I guess that’s pretty OK.  In fact I’ll show u some:

Picture Skokie

See what I mean?  Then they call her Winners Reserve Bitch.  Now I’m not into labeling Hoomans or other Newfies, but calling my sister a “Bitch???”  I was getting pretty PO’ed about that, until I heard Dad telling a friend that it was what they call girl Newfs, so I settled down.  Afterall I’m Mr. Smooch, a Lover, not a butt-kicker, so I was relieved that I didn’t half-ta go kick a butt.  I still didn’t get what Winners Reserve was all about.  Then she brought one Home that said “Best of Opposite.”   Opposite What? I wondered.  Was she opposite something and was the best at it?  I donno, I’m kornfused??!!??  Any who,  the only benefit I see of her goin to these, is I get almost the whole day, without her swiping my toys and more importantly my squeaky ball. 

In addition to this, she had her 1st Boofday on the 1st of March.  Now that was cool, as we had a party!  Joan, Tiggers Breeder came, Auntie Janet (Mom of Tiggers “Boyfriend” Murphy), and Auntie Darlene, Grandma were there.  We had hamburgers for lunch (smacky, smack!), and there were two cakes, one for us all by ourselves, and one for the Hoomans.  Our cakey was bone shaped and had a yummy frosting on it.  The hooman one, looked like Tigger from Disney.  I guess it was some kind of jokey or something, cause of Tigger’s name.  But Tigger scarfed loot!  She was like na-na-nanana!  I thought that was rude, but she let us play with them too.  She got the pastel colored wormy thing, a Kong Wobbler (it’s way-a-mundo Cool!!!) and some snackies among other things.  So overall, it was an OK day,as we got some really good cakey!

Tigger is also getting to be a big girl.  Dad took her last Sunday to Weigh her.  WOW 112.8lbs!  She’s putting on the tonnage!  I mean I’m about a manly 125lbs, but she weighs more than Ethel now, and is close to Oreo (116)!  Man Tonnage!  I do admit she is very purportional, so I guess it’s OK.  So enough about Tigger.

On a sad note, I lost my Luci, my grow-up Mommy.  She got Cancer.  I was very sad to say the least.  She taught me lot’s of stuff.  How to go up and down the stairs, not to have poopy and pee accidents when I was little.  Kept me in line.  Taught me how cool it was to snuggle on the bed.  I’ll miss you Mommy Luci, sniff Sniff!  I’ll see you at the Bridge one day.
Picture of Luci

On to Oreo.  Oreo, like to stay home, but before Christmas, she went to meet other Newfs, and did a Christmas Tree Pull.  Apparently she had a great time, and pulled lots of trees for people, but she didn’t bring any home with her.  I thought at least she’d bring me my own tree.  I could have had a blast tinkleing on it!  Oh well, maybe next Christmas.
Photo Oreo
Ethel has been up to her usual stuff.  Training for her Water Rescue Dog Title, Something new called “Nosework.”  From what I’m hearin, you go around and sniff boxes and stuff and find cookies.  Now THAT’S THE SPORT FOR ME!!!!!! I know I could do that without any training.  Of course that was the thing, I could’nt figure out why you would have to train for something Newfies do anyway??!!??  I donno, but it’s Ethel’s thing.
Well that’s enough for now, I’ll try and think of more stuff to talk about.  TTFN!!

I'm going to have dad update the other photos we he gets home.

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