Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Central Regional

I reporting this as Hearsay since I DIDN'T get to GO!  I had to stay home with Grandma yellin at me and Oreo, cuase we were in HER way all day.  What's a Landseer supposed ta do?  The coolest place was the entrance to the Kitchen since the door was open and the cool breeze was commin in.  After all I want cool!

Any ways Dad and Mom took Tigger to the North Central Regional Speciality.  She got to show in the 12-15 month puppy class.  Now I'm still not sure what Tigger Shows in class, it's confusing.  But she musta impressed the judge some, as she got a 4th place, which Dad was sayin wuz good as the Judge was not know to put-up (whatever that is) those type of Newf Lines.  So she did ok.  Her and Ethel then went to the CERF and Tigger also went to the Cardio Clinic.  Now I've been confuzed fer years, since I've done CERF several times.  I really don't get it!  There's no water, no waves, nothing, it's dark and they put this junk in your eyes that makes it really bright.  Then they shines a lite in your eye, sorry I don'tz git it.  Anywho, Tigger had Excellent so I guess that's good.  Then she had a Cardio exam.  Apparently she passed the test, so that was OK.  Dad told Mom he has to send the test resulkts to the OFA.  I'm also not too sure what Offa is but my stuff gotz sended their too.  Dad let me post a couple of Pictures of Tigger.

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