Sunday, May 29, 2011


JACKPOT!!!!!!! I'm no longer on the bottom of the fod chain. My sisters can no longer lord it over me that I'm the "Baby" or "You're L A S T!!!!! Na NaNana!!!!!!" I can officially announce I have a Little SISTER!!!!

Man this is great! Last week end Mom and Dad went to Auntie Joan's (Since the little pest came from Joan, she's my Auntie now). ( See what becomming tutored can do for you sssswwwwwwoooooooooossshhh! yer brain works so fast, I figured that out in 3.4 seconds!) Anyway, they went to Auntie Joan's, and were gone for a while, I even had time for a nappie too! hen they came back, they had an extra item. My new Sister! Ethel, Oreo, and Luci were "Crapola!!! What the heck is this!!!???!!! Mom said :this is TIGGER!" Well I tell you Mom must have been confused, cause the Tigger I know is Orange and has Black stripes, and Bounces a lot. Now I admit the "tigger " in front of me was a bouncin, but that was about it, I mean that was one heck of a black stripe, it covered her entirely. But she came over to me, and gave me a smooch, so I knew she would be OK, as I figured she musta heard about me being Mr. Smooch, so I immediately cut her some slack, and took her under my wing so to speak.

So introducting to all you'ze guys:

Blachwatch's Desilu I'm the Only One! Call Name: Tigger

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lcjp2007 said...

So sweet! Always feels good to move up in the ranks. Congrats! :)
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