Friday, September 26, 2008

HEY Guess What!!!! I’m an International (Internet) Personality Now. No kiddin! My Dad won a custom embroidered top for my Mom at the North Central Newfoundland Club’s Annual Newfiepalooza event back in May. Dad forgot all about it after he sent my picture in. He sent mine in cause I’m such a handsome guy, and all around Smoochin Machine! Well back to the story……..Dad forgot about the project, sigh!, I mean common Dad, you forgot?? Well I would’nt tell Mom about that part.

So Dad gets an email from the lady, and she loves my picture so much (Hey Dad, remember to remind me to send her a paw-to-graph of me as Mr. Smooch “The World’s Greatest Smoocher.” She liked my stuff so much, she has put me on her website!

Now I’m an International Internet Star! Man I know now I’ll get lot’s of Bookings as Mr. Smooch. I’ll have no trouble keeping up with my Smoochin Quota! So anyway I’m attaching a photo of how I am being portrayed. Since she was nice enough to do that, I’m going to reciprocate and list her web sight. They do very nice work and I would give it 4 Paws up. Hey Nanook, check this site out for your Mom!

How I ended up in a SPA!!

WELL!!!!!!!! I just don’t know how to start! I don’t think I’ve ever been so badly tricked in my life! Today Dad gets a phone call from Mom, who had car trouble, so he had to go rescue her. Well that was OK, cause I like my Mom a lot, she gives me my Breakfast and always makes sure I get a Snacky or two. So she’s tops with me. Anyway, Dad gets up and gets us a quick snacky, and loads me and Ethel in the car, and off we go to rescue Mom! Then it happened. We went to that “Spa” place were Oreo was the other day. Dad gets us out of the car and takes us in. Well of course I thought this was some sort of scheduled appearance I had forgotten about as “Mr. Smooch, the World’s Greatest Smoocher,” or Dad was dropping Ethel off for a Spa appointment (you know girls, they have to be pretty all of the time). Then he hands me off too! I was flabbergasted!!!! Dad how could you!

Well I wasn’t really sure what tha heck was going on, but there was nothing but girls fussing over me so it wasn’t half bad to start. Everything was going OK, and they gave me a bath. Heck I’m a Newf, so water is no big deal to me, in fact I love it! But this girl whom I hardly know started washing me……….well…………I was so shocked I was pawstruck! She started washing my…….er………well………for lack
of a better word “BAGGAGE!!!!” I mean REALLY!!!! I hardly knew her! I just don’t want to talk about that part anymore. (Guy’s just be careful if you go there, they are so bold, ya know??!!??

So, after that embarrassment, we went and I got dried, I liked that part, you know nice warm air, made me feel snuggly. Then this other nice lady clipped me and made me even
more handsome than I already was. Man, they even have a monitor so you can watch while your haircut is going on. Pretty Cool I tell you!

In the mean time they bathed and groomed Ethel to. Considering she’s my sister, she was lookin pretty good too! She is really a sweet girl, even for a sister. So at the end I got to hang around cause Ethel was not likin being in a romm by herself, so I “protected” her from th
e Boogieman (Even though I know there really isn’t one. I hope anyway). So when Dad came to pick me up, I got lots of extra opportunities to give smooches and hugs to all of the girls there, so I guess it was worth the experience. I even gave the girl that grabbed my stuff an extra smooch to show there was no hard feelings. Anyway, I’m off for now. Next Posting will be about the North Central Newfoundland Club Water Test. I had friends there, so I’ll let you know how it came out. BTW here are my two favorite Smoochin subjects.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess Oreo's Trip to the Spa

Hi Guys, It's Ricky again. You know some days it just doen't pay to get up. I'm tell'in ya, sisters are such a pain! After a wonderful breakfast of Canidae, Red Salmon, Yogurt, and pumpkin, I had a nice comfortable tummy. You know what I mean, that nice satisified feeling, and everything's right in the world feeling! Well let me tell you that didn't last long! Dad calls Oreo over and he takes her for a RIDE!!!!!!!!!! Man, now everyone knows I'm Mr. Smooch, the Worlds Greatest Smoocher! As my due, I should have gotten to go for a ride! Well after a while, Dad comes back without Oreo!!??!! I mean even though sisters are a pain, she's not that big of a pain (Boy, I can't believe I'm writing that!)!

Dad tells everyone that Oreo went to the Spa, and that she'll be home later. MAN WHAT A GYP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean as the celibrity of the house, if anyone should have gotten to go, it should have been ME!!!!!!! Sometimes, I just don't understand what goes on in Dad's head! BTW what's a Spa? Oh, I see that's where you get a bath and a brush, and that big air blowy thingy puts wind on you. Now I can't understand that, you take all of the trouble to get wet, and that they want to get you un-wet???? Somehow that just doesn't make any sense!

So later in the day, Dad and Gma (my grandma), goes out and doesn't take ANYONE for a ride, I mean I'm really bummed here, twice gyped in one day! I mean, what does a Landseer have to do to get some respect here???? A little while later, Dad and Gma return with Oreo. Boy! What a load of Bones!

She comes PRANCING into the house like she's the be all, end all! With that "Look and the Princess" look about her. So BIG DEAL, she got a what???? Hey wit a minute, SHE SMELLS TOO!!!!!!! OMGosh! Like a field of flowers or somethin! And she got a trim too! No wonder she's actin like the Queen of Sheba! Then she has to flaunt it around the house, rubbin it in everyone elses face too! I mean she does look pretty good (for a sister) for a girl Newfie, and she does smell pretty good too, even if I wouldn't tell her directly.

Dad said to Gma, that this was the cleanest place he had ever been to! He said the place was so clean, there was no dog hair ANYWHERE inside the plpace! WOWZER! I've never seen that! I told Dad, that I would have to see that myself to believe it! Dad told me I'd get the chance on Wednesday. OMGosh!!!! Dad's going to MAKE ME go to a SPA!!!!!!! What did I do to PO him?? Oh, wait a minute. I forgot I stole his bacon off of his plate that's my punishment huh, and I thought he had forgotten about that. Oh Well, maybe he'll forget to take me. What's that Dad? Ethel's going too? Crapola, now I guess I'm stuck. O well, maybe I can make something out of the day, by having a personal appreance as Mr. Smooch, and let me adoring fans, stop by for a smooch and a paw-to-graph. Well mabye the day won't be a total loss after all.

Well guys, I'll let you know what happens on Wednesday. So for now, remember; "A bone in the paw, is worth two in the bush." or somethin like that.