Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ethel the Water Girl!

AND IN OTHER NEWS.........................................My sister Ethel is in the News AGAIN! She is now Officially Ethel May Dakota Bear Meeker WD RAE TDI CGC. She earned her Water Dog Title at the North Central Newfoundland Club, at Muskego Park, in Muskego, WI on 19 September 2010. Some Nice Ladies were here Judges, a Lori Littlefield, and Sue Mareno. They really liked her test and even commented on here Judge Sheet Thing about how good she was. Dad Had Someone help by taking Pictures, so you can see for yourself. One thing though, boy when she came home it was nah-nah-Nah-Nah-NAH! all evening. Luci, Oreo, and I were sick of it, but what could you do, after all it is sorta a big deal. And then we really got scroggd, she GOT FRESH COOKED PACIFIC SALMON FOR DINNER. Not only was that bad, but we GOT BUPKISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that's not exactly the truth, we did get some, BUT HER'S WAS THREE TIMES AS BIG AS OUR PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let me ask you is that fair?

Well anyway, my tummy aside, she did have some nice pictures:

Single Retrieve:

Drop Article Retrieve:

Take A Line:

Tow A Boat:

Swim With Handler:

The Hug!:


So I guess she has Bragging Rights for a couple of weeeks after all!

I'm an Entrooper Guy

Well all I can say is Mr. Smooch the World's Greatest Smoocher is no slouch when it comes to promoting my world wide acclaimed Smoochin abilities. I mean, after all, what's a smoochin guy like me tryin to do, but get smoochin gigs, and spread the word on my atflectic prowess. So I am officially annoucin that I'se is marketing myself. It's not jus crass commercialism, as any smoochin monies goes to the Newfoundland Club of America for less fortunate Newfies, who for whatever reason, aern't as famous as "Mr. Smooch." Since I have now marked my trade (or something like that), I can officially B-Smooch people. I was told that at this market you can get shirts and stuff. At first I was really excited that I would have my own Market, until I found out it has no Fud in it. Boy was I disappointed.

Well anyway, please check it out and let me know what you think. Oh Yeah, Dad told me their are other Newfies in it, but I know that's so I don't get a big head. So TTFN! I'll look forward to hearin from Yer.

You Pal;

Mr. Smooch (aka - Ricky)