Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi Guys;

Ricky here, yes I know it’s been a while, but things have been hectic here, and well, I just sorta ran out of time, to update things for you. First it’s been an exciting few months for me. Lot’s of things have happened to me and the family, that I almost don’t know where to start. I think I will cheat some, and copy some posts from my other favorite place to be; “Newf Net.” That will save me some word thinking and I know you know, that my paws get tired trying to type on this keyboard, since it’s designed for people and not Newfs.

First I’m going to post about “Bowling Balls.” Yup that’s right, bowling balls. I posted this on Newf Net a little while ago, and I didn’t get a whole lot of help, though I did get sympathy from a lot of Newfies, and people. So hear goes:

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! Help me!

Guys, this is Ricky. I need someone to HELP ME!!!!!! Everything was OK this morning when I got up cause Dad had to go to his new job. least I though so.First, I didn't get my usual gallon of water, which, while important, wasn't the end of the world. Then........NO SNACKY or breaskfast!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck????? I think.So Dad's leaving for work, and he calls me. Well I thought this was great, cause I thunked that Dad and me were going out to breaskfast or it was take a handsome smoochin machine to work day, or somthin like that.So after a while, I notice that we pull into the parking place when my favorite Doggy Doctor is (he has these great snackies). I didn't think mucxh of that cause we go there to use the big scale all the time. BTW I'm 108 lbs of slim trim smoochin machine (eat your heart out Nanook!). So I get weighed, and then Margureet (she's my special smoochin Vet Tech), comes and gets me. She tells Dad that they'll call when I'm ready. So I ask "What-do-you-mean-When-I'm-Ready???? Dad says that I'm going to have my bowling balls CHOPPED OFF!!!!!!!!, and have my hips and elbows xrayed.What ta HECK! does that mean???? I'm tellin ya, I'm sorta nervous now! I didn't even know, I knew how to bowl! Anyway, I'm askin for some help here. I understand the xray thing Mom & Dad have a T Shirt with a Landseer and an Xray, so I get that, but this Bowling Ball thing, I jus doan get! So I think I need someone to come and rescue me. PLEASE!!!! Now I'm wondering why Dad handed Margureet a pair of Underware that belongs to some guy named Calvin?

These were some of da replies I received, mostly from other Newfies:

Poor Ricky! You're not that dog who rides off in the car (taunting yer buddies) saying "Nah-nah, I'm going to get Tutored, and you're noooottt!", are ya?What a nasty surprise this is going to be for you. I think dad could have at least prepared you for what was about to happen, and given some reassurances that the ladies will still love ya.We'll still love ya, Ricky.signed,Maggie, Lucy, and Brenna

Dear Ricky - I don't know what ta tell ya, buddy. You'll still be able to smooch tho'...

Dear Ricky, I hear that this whole bowling ball removal thing, in the end, turns out ok. I'll be praying for you. Let me know how it goes. I may be having my bowling balls chopped before long.Best,Boaz

Commander Murph here.. Man up Ricky.. The whining does not befit one of my top soldiers. Yer cryin like a girl for Dawg sake.. Anyway Dude. I lost my bowling balls and we all know the ladies still love me.

Bowlin' balls are just baggage, Buddy!~Mom says testosterone causes brain damage anyway; so maybe you're better off without 'em? The Tugster...

I hear that once they are removed I'll be able to think with my top head again when I'm older. They say I'm a movie star pin-up boy and will be shown and be a Champion so they are not planning to mess with my family jewel bowling balls but I'm also going to be a service dog so my balls' future is up in the air. They say it will depend on how I behave and if I become so much of a Champion that ppl will line up to solicit my bowling balls' services. Ricky, do you have any idea why your human pack units are relieving you of those bowling balls? Has your personality changed? Are you randy roamin? Orka, 10 weeks old today and concerned, giving them a reassuring lick

Ricky, those things really do drain the brain. My human dad and brother have them and they aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack. Just go nighty night and you'll wake up smarter.

I knowz how you feelz, da mama did this to me and I lost everything, nothing left , the vet techie stole them .felling your pain Beau
OMG Ricky, that was a nasty surprise............i hope you will feel better tonight from Annabelle. Tessa and KatyHey he will be two stone lighter Ronnie

Deer Ricky,Dude, it will be okay. Chicks will still dig you, I promise. Fer the next foo days be sure to roll over and show yer people yer ouchy underside. It will get you extra lovins and maybe even some extra treets.Oh, and remind yer dad to stop and get you some bags of froze peas. Don't will find out why sune enuf.Gabriel

Now I mean that was a nice response from a lot of my Newf friends. I didn’t include the ones, where some of the girls laughed at me, but I took it as “That’s a Girl Thing.”

Since everyone really was supportive I wrote back and replied:

An Open letter from Ricky; First off I'm fine, I don't understand what the fuss was about. I was told that I was a very good boy by all the Vet Tech, and I got plenty of hugs from them (they are all girls, so it was a bouns day, as I SMOOCHED THAM ALL!Hello everyone! I just wanted you all to know how proud I am of my Dad.He is the best. Now I understand why he took me to the Vet yesterday.He was having me Tutored! I'm tellin you I'm so smart now, I almostcan't stand it.When I came home I was sorta tired, and not really hungry. I'm not sureexactly why, but I was told it had to do with the Tutoring. I alsofound myself when I woke up wearing someone named Calvin's underware. Idon't know who this Calvin guy is, but he does have taste, and a fashionsense.My sister Oreo also knows how smart I am. I told her I was Tutored, andthen jumped up on her back. She fell to the floor and with all fourlegs in the air was laughing so hard, cause I knew she was thinkingabout how jealous all the other dogs would be knowing I was Tutored andnow super smart.So far everything's OK with being a super brain, but I noticed when Iwalk, I don't have that big bag between my legs bouncing back and forthwhen I walk. It's sorta distracting, but with the "Calvin's" (at leastthat's what I call them), I can now store a bag of ice there, so it'skinda convenient. I heard Mom saying something about frozen peas, personally I like Limas better, but what-da-hey!Anyway, I got off the subject. I just wanted to let everyone know howcool my Dad is and Mom too.Signed;RickyMr. Smooch - The Worlds Greatest SmoocherSuper Brain - Tutored for smartness!Receiver of extra treats and lotsa girl hugs!

PS - Anyone want to know the value of Pi?

So anyway that’s the story of how I replaced Albert Einstein as the Smartest Newf in the World! I’m telling ya, Tutoring pay off!

OK, Now on to my Sister Ethel. She just recently earned her Rally Advanced Excellent Title. I’m proud of her! Since finished her Title with an Advanced B score of 95, and then went on to score a 95 in Excellent B! WhooHoo for her. She was nice enough to share her special dinner snacky with me, and the rest of the guys. We had both Fresh Pacific Salmon, and a Filet! Wow-wee! That was sure yummy on my tummy!!!!! Sorry I don’t have a photo of that, but Dad said they didn’t really come out well, as they were taken with a camera phone. Her next trials are at the Newfoundland Club of America National Speciality in Frankenmuth, MI. I get to go also, due to my fans requesting my appearance, so I can have a smoochin booth, and get my quota of smoochin in for the month. You know guys, Mr. Smooch, the Worlds Greatest Smoocher is a very time consuming career. It takes a lot of dedication to be Mr. Smooch. I mean you never know when or where a smoochin opportunity will take place, or even when an adoring fan will recognize me when I’m out and about. Ya know, sometimes sunglasses do not conceal your identity.

But I digress, I have a bunch more to fill you in on, but I think this is enough for today. I promise to post more often, and give you lots more photos soon.

Your Pal;