Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching Up

Hi everyone, Ricky Here;

I know…I know, it’s been a while since I posted, but life happens as they say, and I’ve been pretty busy. Where to begin, first let me say that I will be posting pictures for this portion soon. I guess we’ll start that I’m happy it’s summer now, as I get more face time out and about, cause Dad takes me more places. In May we went to a place called Frankenmuth, Michigan where they had the Newfoundland Club of America National Specialty. WhooHoo what a fun place and boy did we all have a great time!
First, Ethel got two more Rally Advanced Excellent Legs, and Miracle of all Miracles, Oreo got her 2nd Rally Novice Leg. For those of you who know Oreo, this was a major event, as she has a mind of her own sometimes, and has to be “In the Mood” to get a qualification. But I was proud of her.

Personally, I had a great week. There were tons of people to smooch, and if I remember correctly, I went 250% over quota for the week. My tongue was tired on Sunday after all that smooching. Ethel surprised me and gave me one of the “Fishies” she won as a prize for completing her RAE Legs. It’s a pretty cool stuffie, and I have decided to keep it around for a while, as it has a nice fuzzy feel in my mouth, so I won’t kill it like I usually do.

So it was a good trip for the girls, as they came home with a bunch of ribbons, and I did pretty OK myself. So on to the next adventure……………….

In June, the North Central Newfoundland Club had a Water Training Seminar. I didn’t get to go, but Ethel did. Dad says they are going to enter her in the water trials this year so she can get her Water Dog title. Now that would be cool. So she gets to go every week to the lake to train. I get to stay home with “G-Ma.” She is cool and gives out apple slices, blueberries, and such. Yummy in my tummy stuff!

Then a couple of weeks later, I got to go to the Annual North Central Picnic. I had a great time, and got to play games. I didn’t win the Hot Dog Drool Contest, as there were some really good droolers out there. I was impressed with some of the floogers I saw. They were IMPRESSIVE! Then we had the best contest ever……….The Team Peanut Butter Eating Contest!!!!!!!! Boy I was a champ at that, in fact (I was so good, not only did I eat my PB (clean as a whistle, I might add), but cleaned off a second spoon, cause another newfie wasn’t into PB. I of course was shocked that a Newfie didn’t care for PB, but to each his own, and of course I got two spoonfuls! I had a great time, and so did Mom and Dad. Ethel received a plaque for earning her Rally Excellent Title in 2008. It was pretty cool, even if it wasn’t for me.

Also I have to BRAG about Ethel she is working on her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) Title, and she got several legs in addition to the National. Below the Water Pictures, Dad put on a picture for me of Ethel, Dad, and the Judge at her last trail. She got 4th Place! She was pretty tired that day as we had a show on Friday, Water Training on Saturday, and then this show on Sunday, so she was pretty tired by the time she showed on Sunday, and I though she did pretty goot to place.

Well that’s it for now. I have some stories I need to write down, about the girls, and I’ll try to get that posted soon.

Your Pal;
Ricky (aka Mr. Smooch)