Sunday, March 15, 2009

North Central's Regional Speciality

HI GUYS! Ricky here again;

Well I must say at first I felt VERY GYPED, when I didn't get to go to the North Central Newfoundland Club's 2009 Regional Speciality 27-28 February, as I knew there would be a ton of people to smooch. Oh wait....let me digress a minute. First I apologise for not posting for a while, a lot of stuff has happened and I will try to catch up soon, I anyway, back to this...........

Yep, I was sorta put out that I didn't get to go, but, and a hesitate to say this, as I know it will go to her head, but I'm proud of my sister Ethel. She was apparently in top form, and took three First Places in Rally on Friday and Saturday. So that's more Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) legs for her. Then my Uncle Terry was there and even took pictures of her and Dad! So I got to see them, and will have Dad post a couple, as my paws are so big, they mess up the keyboard sometimes when I get excited.
So here you go, enjoy.......................................

So anyway, I do promise to catch you all up on my exploits soon. After all my adoring fans need a Smooch-up periodically.