Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well Guys, I know I have been slacking lately on keeping you up on my smoochin adventures, and other stuff going on at the house. If you remember, my sister Ethel is a mighty busy girl. I’m gonna start at the Newfie Nationals and go on from there.


We all drove up to Frankenmuth, MI, for the 2010 Newfoundland Club of America’s National Specialty. Now I was unaware that I was a member of a Newfoundland Club, but apparently it’s true! So is Ethel and Oreo (More about her later). Anyway, we got there and what do you know. We stayed in the same room! I got my personal apartment (crate) in the exact same place so I was set for the week! Anyway I’m straying off the subject, back to Ethel. Ethel was entered in Novice Obedience on Tuesday and Wednesday. She was a little nervous on Tuesday, and did not stay in place for the Sit-Stay, but did really great in the off-leash healing, and the judge told her so. But on Wednesday she was perfect, and not only did she qualify, but got First Place! Man I was proud of her! She was the “Little Miss Princess” and was strutting around like she was all that, but I guess she deserved it, since she got 1st at the national. I guess I would be proud of that myself. She got to have her picture taken with the Judge, and to top it all she got this fancy Blue Ribbon, and a Cool Dinner Plate that had a gold Newfie on it! Now I would sure be proud to eat my snackies on that! Dad said later no snackies would ever get put on it, it will be put in a case for people to see. Personally I think that’s a waste of a good snacky dish, but Ethel didn’t seem to make a big deal out of it, so I guess it’s OK.


Oreo, has always been the Princess around the house. Sometimes, I think she’s a pain in the……………Uh well, you know……….. Anyway, she was entered in Rally novice, which even I think I could do standing on my head. Oreo on the other hand likes to train and prance around the ring, but not when the Judges are there. She thinks that she does not need to be judged, so she does all kind of silly things in the ring. I mean after all 27 times of trying to get the title, you would think that Judges would tell her “OK, let’s just get through this.”

But........... Noooooooooooooo……………………..,Oreo has to be a “smarty Pants and goof around. Well she surprised Dad on Tuesday, by scoring an 88, her best even score, and earning her Rally Novice Title. I think Dad was going to faint! Apparently Dad was so excited he gave Oreo about ten minutes of hugs and smoochies. Oreo also got her picture taken and a toy for going in the ring. She wouldn’t let me have the toy, and usually she does not care for stuffies, so she lets me kill-em for her. But she kept this one. So now Oreo gets to be Mrs. Trumble’s Oreo Cookie RN. Now I didn’t know passing some test in the ring, make you a Registered Nurse, but apparently so. Anywho, it will be nice to have a Nurse in the family, in case of emergencies, and stuff like that.

I had a great time! I got to smooch about 1,000 people, and had a blast. My smooch-o-meter pegged out at 97%. This meant that I smooched 97% of the people there, including the people that worked there!

So that’s their stories from the National. We had a nice drive home, in which I got to have two smoochin sessions on the way home, at what they called “Rest Stops.” I did not understand why they call it that, I mean I didn’t get to rest even though we were stopped. Sometimes I don’t understand why you people call things what you do. It doesn’t make newfy- sense to me.

So the next thing I want to talk about is Swimmin! Again it’s mostly about Ethel. You know, I’ve had a talk with Mom & Dad about this. I mean after all, I’m getting gyped! Ethel gets to do all the cool things, and I get bupkiss! Then on top of it, when they see the error of their ways, I find out that Oreo gets to go too! Man, when can a guy get a break! I mean after all, I complained, I get satisfaction, then I get scrooged, by havin to drag Oreo along too!

Ethel gets to go Water Training for her WD (Water Dog Title) every week. I guess that will be OK, in case someone is drowning, or having problems in the water. Personally, I know any Newfie, knows how to save people in the water, so I really don’t get why you have to:
Practice – Why do you have to practice to do something that all Newfies know how to do anyway? But Dad says she needs to. He said there was a test or somthin?

Test – Why can’t we all take the test? I mean since I lost my bowling balls, I have the IQ of Einstien now, so test-takin is right up my alley, so that should be no big Deal. And on top of that, why test to do somthin that is Jean-net-tick-ly en-grained in2 Newfies?

So now one of us, either me or Oreo, gets to go with every week, so we can swim, and goof around while Ethel has to work. Boy who got scrooged here? Man Ethel has to work, while we get to play and goof around in the water. I know who got the best deal here! Suck eggs Ethel!
Now don’t get me wrong, she is doing really well, for what she is doing. I just don’t see the need to do it, and then take a test. I mean com-mon guys, were NEWFIES, and Newfies go in the WATER! Duh!!! Not Rocket Science here folks. But if that’s what trips Dad’s and Ethel’s trip-l-a-tor, then I guess it’s OK, but it sure does seem silly to me!

Hopefuly in September, she will pass her test, and then all this foolishness will be over.
Now onto really cool stuff. In July, Libertyville, IL had the “Dog Days of Summer.” Now that sounded like a cool thing. Dad said we would get to go INTO the STORES, and they would have cool loot for us. Dad said he had found an event for me too! Somthin called “Dock Divin.” Wow, I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded like fun! So we went, I was kinda disappointed cause Ehtel came too, but I figured, I couldn’t suck up all of the pets to be had, but I also figured I could corner the market on all of the smoochin though, as Ethel is not “Mr. Smooch, the World’s Most Famous Smoochewr”! I did have a great day, and excelled in smooching the people there. Then I found out about Dock Diving. I guess you stand on this long board thing that has carpet on it. You run along it and go swimming! Well, HEY! That was for me! After a while they called for the group I was in. And soon it was our turn. I climbed up some stairs and stood on the Board thing. The we ran up to the pool, and I stopped. I mean Dad stopped too, so I figured I was supposed to stop too. I mean wouldn’t you??? So back to the end of the board we go, and run up to the pool again. Well if Dad wasn’t going on the pool, neither was I. Now I’m not really sure why I was thinkin this, cause I really wanted to go in the pool. I I got to putting my Einstien-e-ian brainb to it, and figured out that maybe I was supposed to go in the pool, and Dad wasn’t. So we go back one more time, and this time I jump in! MAN WAS IT GREAT!!!!!!!!! It was really hot that day, and the water was soooooooooooooooooooooo………………………COOL! I was havin a great time! Dad was callin me, but it was too nice to get out. Then some other guys wanted me to get out. I figured out that if I stayed in the middle I could swim, and they couldn’t get me. But finally I could see tey were serious, so I came out. It was then that I found out that another dog wanted his swimming time. Then I felt a little bad, cause I did not want to gyp him out of his pool time.

We hung out for a while longer, then I found out that I WON A RIBBON!!!!!!!!!!! WOW HOW COOL!!! I have never won a ribbon before in my life, and always thought when Ethel brought one home, that it was silly, but now I HAD ONE! Now I understand why she was always Nah-Nah-NANA-NAH!!!!!! When she came home. I get it now. BTW Dad hung my ribbon right by Ethel’s, and it looks really cool where it is at. Dad said he was gonna put it in a frame with a picture of me jumpin in the water. COOL! I can’t wait. So now I’ma Dock Divin Dog! Hey maybe a song could be made out of that! “I’ma Dock Divin Dog, I’m not a big hog!, I’m just a Dock Divin Dog…………………of somthin like that. So tha’t kinda what’s go-in on around here. I know there’s some other junk I forgetted about, but, when I’s remembers it, I’ll post again.

Till Next Time;

Your Buddy;

Mr. Smooch (Or as my friend Marlis in Nova Scotia call me; Mr. Smoochies)

Hey I kinda like that!