Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 North Central Newfoundland Club Picnic

Well guys Ethel here. I know Ricky was posting about the National, but he's not here today, he's snoozing, so I have the helm. It was a cool weekend, as it was the North Central Newfoundland Club Annual Picnic. Originally Mom told me I could not go, cause I'm always goin somewhere with Dad, and that the others might be a tad jealous. Now I know that's not true, but I though Mom would feel better doing this. But as it got closer to the picnic, Ricky and Oreo didn't feel good, Ricky got into something (you know kids), and he was indisposed with the, hmmmmm...let's see how can I say this without grossing you out, Oh I know, he had liquidy poo. He was getting better, but he had to stay home. Oreo might have a lady problem, so she got to stay home too. So Mom and Dad took me (WhooHoo!) and Luci. Luci was all excited cause she doesn't get to go to events often.

Anyway, we got to the picnic site and their were lots of people (cool, that meant lots of Pets for ME!), and lots of other Newfies! Then I found out there were games! I got to play some of the games and won a prize in the Flooger Contest, I finsihed third, getting gyped out of second when I got bumped and my longest flooger broke. But it was OK, I got a cool prize (a cookie), and Dad got a magnetic Board for the Fridge. We met some new people, they had just joined, and played with their Newfie. I told her this was a cool club, and she would like the Water Seminar next month with my cool friends Roger and barbra Frey, I like him, he shows me how to be a Water Dog, so I can't wait until next month and lots of swimmin! Luci made lots of friends (she's kind of shy), and was having a good time. Dad feed us some macaroni and cheese, and some carrots, tomatoe grapes, and watermelon. It was a good lunch snacky. Then it got booring, cause the two legged guys had a meeting about hosting a National, and there was a lot of talking about that. Then they had the Brown Bag Auction, and Mom won some cool looking books, and a nice Newfie Pin. The Pin looked like Oreo, so I know my Mommy liked it. Then we all went home, and chilled out for the rest of the day, except Dad tricked us at the top of the Deck Stairs and took our photo all together. Then it was beddytime, and we all snuggled in bed together. It was a good day. See you soon.