Friday, April 25, 2008

Gittin Ready for the National

Hi guys; Mr. Smooch here! (Yes it's me Ricky). The house is more than the usual Newfie Nut House this week. Were getting ready to go to something called the "NATIONAL." Now me being kind of young still, even though I am the "Worlds Greatest Smoocher," I don't know a lot about what a "National" is, but apparently it is a big deal. I have already had to overbook smooching sessions with all my Dad's Newf Net and Newf-L friends, so my time will be pretty much taken up. But my sister Ethel is entered in the show, and Oreo is coming also. Oh and my favorite older sister Luci is coming so I will have plenty of sisters to do my bidding. So I will try to have everyone post their thoughts, but we may have to wait until we return. So I'll see you all later. In the mean time "smooches" to all.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ethel's Introduction - Rally Girl

Hi, I'm Ethel May Dakota Bear! I'm 2+ years old and I'm a Beautiful Black Newfoundland Girl. I was born in Illinois and my Mom (who just passed) and Dad live in Northern Illinois. So I'm a typical Midwestern Girl. My Mommy and Daddy love me very much, and take very good care of me. I came home a little early for a Newfie, at 9 weeks, but I quickly made myself at home, and learned how to be cute quickly. On my second day at home, I discovered the bestest way to check the counter for goodies. There was a stool in the kitchen and I found that I could get on it and sit so I could see better. That is a famous photo in our house according to Dad. He has his camera and caught me on it. I thought I would get in trouble, but Dad said it was cute and so did Mom, so I guess it was OK. Now I can only get two legs on it, but I can sure see better what's on the counter, even though I have manners, and never take anything unless I have permission. From the start, I've always been on the go. I love riding in the car, and trips are always lots of fun. So far I've gone to lots of Dog Shows, Newf Camp in Michigan, Newf Net Get-2-gether in Iowa (Thanks auntie Rhonda for inviting me), and River King Newfie Club's Rescue Parade (so Oreo could parade). Dad takes me to a lot of places but my favorite place is my Auntie Sara's Rally Training place. We get to have lots of fun with Rally Obedience. I get to show off at dog shows how good I am. I now have a Rally Advanced Title, and 2 Legs of my excellent title, and I hope to finish my title at the Newfoundland Club of America's National Speciality in Rhode Island. Now I'm not sure where Rhode Island is, but Dad says it's a long trip, but I'm ready! Then (paws crossed) I'll have a Rally Excellent Title. That would be nice. I've been very lucky so far, I've had 2 1st places, 2 2nd places, and 1 3rd place, and 2 4th places. I'm proud of my Daddy for helping me get them. So I'll let you know how I did. My favorite things are snugglin with Dad and Mom, annoying Grandma by givin her smooches when she's not watching. It's especially fun if she's in bed napping, and I can sneak up and give her a smooch. She is very funny when I get the chance, and makes the best noises when I can get her smooched without her knowing I'm coming. I also like to play with my older sister Oreo. My younger brother Ricky, is a pain, but he's my brother, so Mom says I have to be nice to him. You know how younger brothers are.....always pestering you, and what's worse, he's know as Mr. Smooch, the World's Greatest Smoocher, so he's always trying to smooch me and Oreo, and Luci too, but she likes it (Yuck)! Luci is my oldest sister, she taught me to go up and down the stairs, the best spots in the yard to lay in the grass, and how to get Dad to pass out cookies (a very important thing to know)! it's been a busy year so far, I got put in the OFA database, my DNA is helping to research Newfie Medical Issues, and I thought I was going to do special Water training, cuase my Daddy said me and Oreo were going to CERF, I though it was something to do in the water, turned out some lady was shining a light in my eyes, Rats!!! Well I'll have more to say when we return from the National. So remember, a flooger a day, will keep the cat away! Oh, PS - Dad will post more pictures of me soon!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ricky's Story - AKA Mr. Smooch

Hi; I'm Ricky, also known as Ricky Ricardo's Cuban CongaBoy. I'm a Newfoundland and best of all I'm a "Landseer!!," and you know what they say about Landseers! I am 1 year and 3 Months old. I also have the distinction of being called "Mr. Smooch!" I had to earn that nickname, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I currently hold the title of "World's Greatest Smoocher!" It's a tough life being the worlds greatest smoocher, but the rewards are pretty cool. Anyway, on with my story...... It all started last year shortly before I was born. My Mommy (Camillea) was bred with my Daddy (Barkley - Cool name for a Dad), and then, Mom and Dad went to Rescue. I'm not really sure why, after all they are Landseer's and they are the coolest Newfoundland's of all! At least that's what I think. So back to the story.............they go into rescue and my Aunt Donna, at Autumn Acres was surprised to find that my Mom was pregnant when she arrived. Needless to say I was born (Taa-Daa!!!!!!!!!!!!). Then, Auntie Donna called my new Daddy, and wanted help to find me a home, she even sent him a picture of me (I knew just how to pose to be cute) so that my new Dad would be wanting to bring me home. The next thing I knew one of Anutie Donna's friends drove me half-way to my new home, and now I have the coolest Mom and Dad I know!! I even have three sisters (although they are a pain sometimes, especially when I'm trying to get my quota of smoochin in!). So I went from being a cute 25 pound pupper, to being the man I am now at a whooping 97 Lbs (Oh OK Dad I'm not quite a man yet.......but I'm working on it). My day is spent guarding my G-Ma who is almost 88, and she needs my help to keep my sisters in line. I also have jobs to do, I check the counters periodically to ensure that no food has been left out to spoil, I mean after all, I don't want Mom and Dad to eat bad food. I also make sure that the Birds in the backyard don't hang around too long, cause they might hog the feeder in the yard. And of course I have to go to this place called Pet Smart. I'm responsible for "inspecting" the shelves to see if any cookies or toys are out of place! I also have to visit my frined the "Blue Buffalo Lady" who is kinda my girlfriend, and I always make sure she gets lots of extra smooches. She has good cookies too!! I like her a lot even though I don't eat their dog food, although I'm sure it's as good as what I get. Well any way, for those of you going, I will be available for authgraphs and smooches at the Newfoundland National Speciality this year. Due to the high demand for the world's Gratset Smoocher, I will be there all week. So stop by, I always have a smooch available for my adoring public! By the way, since many of you will be traveling long distances to see me, my normal personal appearance fees will be waived for the week, of course, if you happened to have a wheat and corn free extra cookie on you, I wouldn't be snobby and turn it down. After all that wouldn't be polite.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The rest of the NutHouse

I don't have a lot of time today, but thought I would introduce some of the other Nuts of the NutHouse.

Luci - She's the one that started the Newfie NutHouse. We were at a PetSmart in South Bend, IN, near my MIL's House, and we had just lost our Rottie (Hattie) to cancer. We had to get dog food for the Pom's so we stopped in. It was Puppy Adoption Day. There is a crate was 4 Newfie Mix Puppers. Luci was in the back of the Crate. The lady told us they were Newfie Mixes and that the one on the back was shy. After that Luci came out of the crate to us and climed in my lap. Guess we went home with a Pupper.

Elise - The Mini-Newf Pom - We lost three of our Poms to the Bridge within the last 12 months, Coco who was almost 17, Vanna 15, and Misti 15. Jusy was missing her Poms, and had alsways wanted a White Pom, so I found a Breeder who specialized in White Pom's so while we were in Indianapolis, IN for a Carnival Glass Convention (more on Carnival later) we drive another 1 1/2 Hours and picked her up from the Breeder. She has turned out the be a combination of the three, and is perky and bouncy just like tigger.

Freda the MaCaw (Blue & Gold) - She is a Rescue from out Vet. We have had MaCaws before, and thought she should have a home. She is about 35 Years Old.

Abby the Pom - This is the MIL's baby. She is 15, and has now lost her vision. She is still fiesty, and loves to lay on the bed and eat treats, and of course get spoiled by her Mom.

That's about all for now, more later....................

Monday, April 7, 2008


Welcome to the Newfie Nut House. I'm Ted the Head Nut. Along with Judy my assistant (and Wife), and Mom (Judy's) Marie, we live in the Nutty World of the Newfoundland Dog. I got the idea to start this blog from my friend Nessa on Newf Net. She has the "bestest" Blog, and some cool Newfies (Nanook and Pooka). So I thought I would give Blogging a try. I will be posting more when I have time so stay tuned for Newfie Nuttyness!

To Introduce our Nuts (and not in any particular Order)

Ethel - Ethel May Dakota Bear Meeker (11/05) RA CGC
Luci - Luci Mahgilacutty ILuvU (2/04) Our Newfie Mix
Oreo - Tybee Island's Lighthouse Tempest Savior (5/05) (Our Rescue Girl)
Ricky - Ricky Ricardo's Cuban CongaBoy (1/07) (Our Rescue Boy)
Elise - Eden's Alpine Edelwiess (7/07) The Mini-Newf (Really a Pom)
Abby - Mom's Pom
Fredia - The Blue & Gold MaCaw (about 35 Years Old)

So that's the Nut House. More Later.......................................